Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can we be lead by the blind?

When we are walking in our journey we can get off track. We can loose our way. We can start out with our eyes on Christ, but quickly turning our eyes away in a moments notice, forgetting to stay focused. While at Women of Faith this past weekend, I was sitting in my seat watching all around me. I think God puts things right in our path for us to take notice of. There was a blind woman sitting in a seat, she had her walking stick with her. A man who was working the arena, steped up to her to tell her he had a better seat for her. As she stood,she pulled out her walking stick and began to walk. She didn't take off on her on, the man held out his hand to lead her, but instead of taking his hand she placed her hand upon his back so he could lead her still using her stick.As I watched this take place, I sat with tears in my eyes, knowing God was showing me something. Something I needed to hear and see for myself. We must have our hand upon Jesus at all times. We must stay focused upon Him to clearly see where we are going. If we take our hand off of Him and begin to just lead ourselves,what do you think will happen? We will fall, and can fall deeply into a pit with the beginning of one step. All it takes is one step in the wrong direction and we can get lost,making it hard to find our way back. When we are in the middle of sin, we cannot see it clearly. We sure can point out others sins, but we can't seem to grasp that we are sinning. We can't allow the blind to lead the blind.We must make sure we have our head in the bible, not up in the clouds. If we are blindly walking, we need a compass, and God is that lifelong compass for us. He will never lead us away from Him. He will never take us down a road that will hurt us,and He will give and want the best for us. So why do we continue to try to lead ourselves in this evil world? It takes one person, one step, one move and we are off kilter. We loose our balance and try with all our might to stand up ourselves without any help. When we fall, we find Jesus there waiting to pick us up. When we get off track we find Jesus there showing us the way.Just as though we were walking though a dark room,we cannot see clearly, and we may stub our toe,or may fall. But if we have a flashlight,we can make our way through. We can see the path ahead,and we can steer clear of the danger, missing the pot holes. As soon as we turn out the light,all is dark again, and we are lost and afraid. Thats why we need to keep our light on. God is our Light of world. He will make our paths clear, He will stand in gap for us, He will show us the dangers and guard us with His protection and love. Matthew 15:14 "Let them alone.They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind,both will fall into a ditch."We must stay focused. We must not follow others, we must follow the one and only God,Jesus Christ. He is our light, our guide, in the dark world we live in. You dont have to be trapped by sin, you dont have to live in the dark.God has a better way for us to live. He will show us, if we step back,let Him get infront and lead us. We have to get out of the way first.


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