Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are you still asking for more?

Do you find yourself wishing you had more? Do you find yourself asking yet still for more? I have to admit at times I do. It isn't really a need, its not that I don't have one,but I see something and I just gotta have it. Do we ever have enough? Are we always left with asking for more? And what for? We fill our lives up with stuff. We get more stuff to make us happy. That stuff no longer brings joy, so we end up asking for more. It is a horrible cycle to be in. We go round and round with stuff. We have yard sales to get rid of stuff, only to buy more stuff. Why are we so fixated on stuff? Jesus gave His life for us. He paid our ransom in full. He shed His blood to cover our sins, and yet that still isn't enough. When we go to Christ in prayer,it is not our wish list. It is not our time to tell Christ the things we want. He gave all He had for us. For you and me. His life should be enough. His love should be enough. His grace should be enough. His mercy should be enough. When the disciples stopped everything to follow Christ, they left behind all they had. All their stuff. They found that it wasn't that stuff that mattered. What mattered was Jesus. What mattered was giving all and leaving all to follow Him. What mattered was dying to self and living for Christ. They were behind Christ, not infront of Him. They didn't have alot of stuff, they had all that they needed in Jesus. I can share with you the story of my husband's job. At one time he made alot of money. We had all the stuff we wanted. When he was layed off the first time, we were okay,we had savings to live on and get us through. Then came the second,third, fourth, and so on. This lay off there was a no call back. He didn't have a job to go back to. Soon the savings ran out, and we found ourselves living on unemployment. Our home is paid for, and we never lived above our means. We didn't have credit cards. Atleast my husband didn't, I did. I had two. I found that for me, it was a great temptation. We quickly paid off my cards, I had shopped for things I did not need, but things to make me feel better. Our family had gone through a very hard time. In that time I looked at shopping as a way to relax, and feel better. I was searching so hard for something to take the pain away, to fill a void I now had. I knew Jesus was there, but I felt I needed more. One day Jesus spoke to me, and He said,"Daughter I am all you need.My love is sufficient for you." I soon didn't need to shop anymore, I knew those things, that stuff was not giving me lasting joy. My lasting joy came from Jesus. My heart had to seek Him, and He showed Himself to me. We don't always learn things the first time around. The lessons we learn are of much value. Not just earthly value, but heavenly value. God teaches us that it isn't how much have, or what we have. Its all about who we have. As long as we have Jesus, we have all we need.


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