Saturday, May 30, 2009

What kind of walls are you putting up?

This week as my son has been helping a friend build a house,he comes home every evening very tired. He has worked really hard and learned many new things about building. I started thinking about the walls we build up around ourselves. Many times we build them around us because we have been hurt,relationships have scared us,and we protect ourselves from getting hurt again. In some cases,we have seen others get hurt and we can see the pain it has caused,so we build up those walls around us so we never feel that pain we have seen our friends and family face. It gets to a point in some peoples lives that they build those walls up around them and just focus on them,not thinking of others. We live in a painful world,and we can build walls for several different reasons.How sad to build those walls and never allow yourself to feel love. That is a lonely place to be. It is better to be loved and know hurt,then to never have loved at all. In our relationship with Jesus,we have to have faith in Him,and let those walls down. He cannot reach us if we constantly have walls built up around us. If we continue to push away everyone, how can things ever begin to grow? Our lives are so short here on this earth,to feel love and to love is one of the greatest gifts from the Lord. We don't need those walls to protect us,all we need is to have faith in Jesus and trust Him with our hearts and our lives. In Hebrews 11:30 it states this; "By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days."Do you see the meaning here? It was nothing that they did themselves,it was the faith they had in God,and what they knew He was going to do for them. See we can have victory with our faith in Christ.We can let those walls come down,and trust God with all we have, knowing He is in control.It takes great faith in God,believing and knowing He is our Wall breaker,not one who constructs walls around us. As the Master Builder,He knows what is taking place in our lives,He knows all that comes and goes. If we allow Him in,He can heal those hurts,change us to look more like Him,and He can teach us how to love,how to be loved and how to let God be the builder of our lives. If we humble ourselves before Him,He will take us by the hand and lead us through the right path. This world is full of hurts,and no one is untouchable from those hurts.We will either be hurt or someone we love will hurt. But with Jesus on our side He can conquer all and bring healing.A life with Jesus is a blessed life,no matter what comes. A life without love is not really a life at all. So lets tear down those walls we have built up around us,and let God in,and those around us begin to love us. Let us have faith as they did in Jericho.Let us overcome by faith in Jesus.


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