Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sharing a prayer request or gossip?

Have you heard the phrase "I'm not gossiping, I am just sharing with a friend a prayer request"? Please, I have even said those words. There is no such thing. Why does gossip seem to be okay as long as it isn't about us? When we are hurt by gossip,then it kinda wakes us up to what it really is. Its tearing down a person to another. Its talking about things we have no idea of. Its adding our own light to it. Its us thinking we have the right to say these things to others, and when we do gossip about someone, how many times is it to someone who doesn't even know them? Then they go and spread it to others who don't know the person. As gossip moves it spreads like cancer. Its ugly, and merciless. It is not love, nor is it compassion. If someone really does share a prayer request with us, let us pray together, and let it stop there. Do we really need to be in others business? No, we do not. As my Pastor says very wisely;"If your not part of the problem or the solution, don't talk about it." If someone has something to say about me, I would rather them come to me,and ask me about it. If we had to go to the person first and ask permission to gossip about what was going on in their lives, what do you suppose they would say? I think not... How can we gossip about a person or their family and then infront of that person be nice? I don't get that. I am long after wanting everyone to like me,it just aint gonna happen,but I have become all about being a witness and keeping my eyes focused on my own plank in my eye. We have enough going on in our own lives, how do we have time to talk about others? God talks about idleness. Proverbs 19:15 says; "Laziness casts one into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger." The Proverbs 31 woman was never idle. She was always working, and kept her eyes focused on Jesus. She wasn't a busy body. She knew it wasn't her place to speak of others. Gossip hurts. When people think we gossip, how can they really trust us with anything? They cannot, and should not be trusted. I have many prayer requests, and when I need prayer, I call a friend. I dont want others gossiping about things they think they know,when all they know is nothing. The next time a prayer is shared with you keep it and share it with the Lord. The next time someone wants to gossip to you, stop it right there, and put an end to it. Sharing with that person that gossip hurts and shouldn't be spoken. If we are to bring glory to God, then we must first begin with ourselves, and let God work with others.


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