Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Special Times with my Kindergarden class

Wow, Awana is almost over.We have two weeks left.Although some find this end a blessing,I find myself wishing it could continue. As I have worked with the Junior high for many years I found the Lord leading me elsewhere. I enjoyed my time with the youth,but this time I have shared with these little ones has been a rich blessing. They each have touched my heart with their smiles,laughter,and eagerness to learn. They are special children that God has placed in my heart.I even attended their graduation.With their little handmade caps with proud looks upon their faces was so wonderful to see. I know they will grow and do awesome things for Christ. I have to share with you their names.Jason,Tony,Emma,Erika,Reece,Makia,Carolyn,Taylor,and Zyon. Each of these little guys are so smart,beautiful and have hearts full of compassion. Each Wed. night we would share our prayers and place the little piece of paper in our prayer bears on the wall. To hear their prayers and to hear them pray only makes me see Jesus more clearly.They not only shared,but oh,how we laughed.To all their parents I say well done,for they are a reflection of you. It has been a growing year not only for them,but for me also. I am thankful for being able to teach them about our amazing God,Jesus Christ. To hear them speak the words of God through scripture only makes me desire Him more. Lord,I pray you keep your hands upon them,keep them safe,and may they forever grow with you,and touch others as they have touched me.


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