Sunday, May 24, 2009

How do you accept a gift?

We either love to give or we even like to receive. I love getting special gifts to brighten up my day,but more than that I love to give gifts to others. I am a card giver. I just love writing loving words down to bless others. Once my pastor tried to give me a gift,and I knew that gift was special to him.It was one of his dads concordances. I didn't want to accept this gift,for I knew how special it was to him. But,he shared with me how important it is to accept gifts from others. To not accept a gift from others is taking the joy away from them. I thought this to be a beautiful thing. Beautiful and wise words to live by. Every since then,those words of wisdom have stood with me in my heart. I have learned to accept a gift and say thank you. I accepted the Lord's salvation freely and am so thankful for His gift of love. The Lord sends special people in our lives to touch us,whether it be with a wrapped gift, a hug,a note, or a prayer. How can we not accept what others are giving to us without hurting them? For these special people have the gift of giving,and our gifts are from the Lord. Each gift is special in its own way,and we should be giving without wanting anything in return. I have been given some amazing gifts from my family,friends,and the most amazing gift was my gift of salvation in Christ. His love is a gift and a gift that we should share with everyone we meet. They should be able to see that gift through all we do. It was never easy for me to accept gifts, many times we think we are not worthy of a special gift. But for those giving,they think we are. So the next time someone wants to give you a gift,something special,accept that gift with love,the same love that Christ gives to us each day,for it not only blesses us,but the gift giver.


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