Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got Milk?

I have to share this story with you. My Pastor told this story a few times now,and everytime I hear it, it blesses my soul. Bro.Ben was preaching on obeying God, and following Him and His lead. He told of a man that had gone to the market,and while he was there,he heard God tell him to buy a gallon of milk. He thought this to be crazy,for he didn't need any milk. God kept talking, until the man bought the gallon of milk,still not understanding,but following his Maker. As he started driving home,now he hears God giving him directions,as to turn here,and now get out. The man sat in his car,I'm sure thinking he was crazy.How could he really go up to someones house he didn't know and just give them milk? God was on this mans heart,and he listened and obeyed. As he went to the door and knocked a man came to the door. He held out the gallon of milk to him,and the man took it and shut the door. The man, starting to walk away, now sees the other open the door again with tears streaming down his face. He shares with the man his thank yous,and adds that his baby had not had milk for a few days now. He was forever thankful for this man giving him this gift from God. I am sure the man went back to his car,and shed some tears of his own. God worked through this man to touch another family,to save a life of a starving child. If that were you,would you have followed? I am sad to say that most likely I would not have. I would have thought myself crazy and really thought,what will these people say as I walk to the door. When God is speaking to us, we know His voice, His whisper to us in our hearts. We can feel His voice,and know He is asking us to follow with faith. I wish I were like this man,and followed everytime God has spoken to me. Many times I have heard His soft voice and I have ignored Him. One Saturday a couple years ago. My son and I had gone to a local gas station to get a soda for our day out. As I was sitting there,next to us was a man on a motorcycle. He looked as though he were sad. I sat there in the car,and I too felt the Lord telling me to roll down my window and speak to this man.Tell him,I love him. I thought, okay,am I crazy? God,you cannot ask me to do such a thing,what if the man gets angry. So I rolled my window down half way,then as Jake enters the car,I say,"Jake go tell that man about Jesus." He said,"What!" I sat there and said, God is telling me to speak to this man,and my son said,"Well,Hes asking you not me." He had a point there. I was so chicken to move, I allowed that man to drive off on his motorcycle without saying a word. That could have been the first or last time someone shared Christ with him. I struggled with that all day. I felt bad that I did not follow what Christ was asking of me. Today,as I listen to Him speak to me,I try to obey. I have learned it doesnt matter if the person shuts the door, calls me names or just turns away. What matters is that I obeyed my Savior. I did what He asked.Now, instead of really concentrating on what could go wrong,I concentrate on what could go right. Oh, how I hope to be like this man obeying God. I want to be an obedient child,but I still struggle. If God can not trust us with the little things He is asking or sending us to,how then can He trust us with the big? Lord, I pray that I can be as this man with the milk. I pray that I will obey your every word. In faith we must believe,and through that faith many people can be touched by God's grace and mercy if we only break out of our comfort zone and obey. The next time you go to pick up a gallon of milk,think about what God wants you to pick up or drop off.


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