Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Funny

I have to tell my funny that happend Wednesday night at Awana. It was a great night,and to be with my Kindergarden class is just so much fun.It was game time,and little Rachel didnt want to play the game.I said,"It will be fun,just try." She still wasn't going to make a move,so I told her,okay I will take your spot and show you how fun it really is. Well,we were playing a beanbag game inwhich you had to run out and get the bag for your team and cross back over without getting tagged. My number was called so I ran out (in sandels I might add) and grabbed the beanbags. I was just about to cross the line without getting tagged when something went horribly wrong.My feet were not moving as fast the the top of my body.I started leaning forward,and my feet were getting tied. As this was happening in my vision in slow motion,I thought to myself this is going to hurt BAD. I started falling,and remembered my wrist,(I have had surgery on it twice,and its not well) and thought oh no,I cannot fall on my wrist,so I just fell everywhere.I think everything got hit. As the kids saw this happen,they ran over saying,Ms.Robin,Ms.Robin,and a friend came to my aid and started to lift me up,but all I could say is DO NOT TOUCH ME! I just layed there in pain,thinking how in the world did that happen? I got up,and finally hobbled inside,and my pain got worse by the moment. Little Rachel went downstairs with me to get bandaids,and she looked up at me,with eyes that said,See I told you that was not any fun. As my husband lifted me up in our truck to go home each bump hurt. Today I have been in bed all day recovering from my tumble. Although I am okay, just bruised and in pain,I think there should be no more game time.I think we should just color instead. It is so much safer, and there is no running, no mishaps,and I wont have to bear anymore bruises and recover after a fall.


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