Monday, March 9, 2009


When your trying with all your heart to reach someone,and there is no response,do you keep trying, or do you give it God, and wait for them to come to you,and then you open your arms wide and receive them? Its hard to keep trying, to keep putting yourself out there, when in return, are you really making a difference? Love is not always easy. Love hurts sometimes, love brings anger, but with love comes forgiveness. We are to show the same grace and mercy to others that Christ showed to us. How many times do we keep trying, keep forgiving? seventy times seven. I wouldn't want someone to give up on me, but sometimes we have done what we can do,and we have to open open our hands to Christ and trust Him with those we love. He can reach them,He can touch them, He can turn them around and bring them back to Him. He will leave and go after that one sheep who has lost its way,and bring it back safely. As moms, we tend to hold on too tight, at least I did. We want to protect, and only God can truly do that. We want to teach from experience, but they have to learn on their own also. We can give our advice, our teachings, our wisdom, but they have to find it on their own. They have to want it, they have to die to themselves,and open their eyes and ears to the truth. Often teenagers, even adults only see what they want to see. We tend to change Gods word to fit our own needs and wants. Our lifestyle,the way we see things. If we are going to live as christian women, we have to open our hearts, show mercy, and be willing to feel pain to show the love we feel for our children. Isn't that what God did for us? He freely died, suffered for His love for us. He gave all. What greater example do we have?


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