Monday, March 2, 2009

Walking in a dark place

In this dark world we live in, do you find it easy to walk and find your way? Sometimes it is so hard. We try and try to do what is right, but sometimes the evil in this world seems to get us down. Have you ever just been standing somewhere and felt the evil? I have, I believe we all have. So how do we live in this dark world? We put the light in it. We cannot let the evils of this world get us down,step on us, and try to crush us. Its not always about fixing it, nor is it about winning,its about being the light upon a hill. We cannot change others, but we can show them the way through our example. The next time you enter a dark room, do not be afraid. You can do it, you can conquer anything with Christ on your side. Let Him live in us, and be the witness to the lost. Put on your armor, and face those giants, your never alone, He is in step with you all the way. So make sure your heart is full of joy, fill your mind with Gods word, and you have everything you need.


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