Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love is sacrifice and giving

I have written of my husband before, and no he isn't like Raymand. He is very special, and I am blessed to have him. He is always giving, and I really don't know if I give him as much attention as he deserves. I always have other things to do, during the day, and at night. My husband is out of work right now. He has been for almost eight months. He is such a hard worker, and really liked his job,although he worked at night. He took care of his family, and took pride in that. He not only is out of work, and will never be able to go back to his job,since the company has merged with another, but he is in much pain with a shoulder injury,and is now suffering from vertigo. It has not been an easy road for him. I feel so very proud of him,to get up everyday and go and search for work,that is very humbling for a man to do. No one knows what that feels like unless you have been there. Our family has gone through so much in the last four to five years, but the amazing thing is,is that God always brings us through,and I know with all my heart He has a plan for us. I pray for my husband all throughout the day. Although he is not working and things are hard, he has not given up. He still keeps going, and is trying to care for his family, that I know he loves so very much. He has sacrificed much, and given much to us. I heard someone say today, they would not want a husband, heard another say, she doesn't need one, she is self-sufficiant. I dont have a husband because I need one. I have a husband because we fell in love eighteen years ago, and we share a life together. I couldn't imagine life without him. He has carried me to the hospital, held my hair back as I threw up, cared for me for weeks with migraines, and after many surgeries. He has held my hand when I have been afraid, and has helped me walk when things were hard. He is my partner. He is my friend, and he is someone I respect and think is just amazing to give so much for your family, and never ask for anything in return. I am blessed to have a husband who helps me with everything, and can do just about anything. Thats why he is my best friend,and my husband. Love changes and grows in many different ways as you get older and grow together.Some think it is their job that defines them, makes them who they are. That just simply isnt true. It's who we are inside, that defines us, how we treat others, how we share our love, how we give. My husband does all those things ,and I would define him as a man after Gods own heart. A man who stubbles daily, who stuggles with life, but in this race he never gives up,because he knows God is on his side. I am so proud of him,and hope I make him proud, as I myself stumble and do not always give as I should. Thank you Lord for my husband, a man who strives to always do his best.


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