Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Busy

Often I hear people say,even me, that we are just too busy. "I can't help you with that,I have too much going on." "I wish things would slow down for me." "Things are so crazy right now,maybe later I can do that." Are we really that busy? Do we really have so much to do, we can't make time for more?I hear some say,even me,"I didn't read my bible today,or do my Sunday school lesson, just couldn't find the time." When I really sit down and think of all the things I do. I know I do alot, I do stay busy, and I do get tired,but the thing is, we get busy with what we want to be busy with. We do the things that we want to do,and we find the time to do them. When a favorite show is on,or friends are going out to dinner,do we really say no? If someone gave you free tickets to your favorite band,would you say,no, I don't have time,but thanks anyway.No,I would make time to go. So, my question is,are we making time for Christ? Are we giving Him the time He needs each day? Are we really living for Him, or are we running ragged for ourselves? That is a hard question, with an even harder answer. I think we all get caught up in doing so much stuff, that we soon forget what is really important. Jesus. We tend to leave Him on a shelf until we need Him,and then we pull Him out. Ouch. I should be spending more time with Him, more time listening,and learning with my God, than trying to do it all. Stuff will get done. We have to rest our bodies, the place where the Holy Spirit lives. We have to take care of it,and respect it. We have to take our time and use it wisely.I need to think of how I spend all my time.I am running to and fro,trying to get this done,and that. Yes, we have to work, we have to the important things,but you learn as you get older what is really important, and what can wait. We have 24 hours in a day. I have to ask myself,how much of that time do I spend with the Lord,and how much do I spend for myself? This world we live in teaches us we have to stay busy 24/7. Thats not true. we need to take our time, love those who we are with, share Christ,and spend time with Him. What are you busy with?


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