Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Matthew 4:19 says"Then He said to them,Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." What are you fishers of? Are we working towards things for ourselves, to see what we can get? Our we just taking our time,and not really paying attention to anything around us? Maybe we are fishing for others, for popularity, for wealth, for happiness, for great stature with others? These disciples dropped everything and followed Christ? What are you willing to drop? Are we even willing to follow with all our heart, or do we just want to ride the fence? We cannot have it both ways. We either follow Him with everything we have,or we follow ourselves and everything we want. What a great thing to be, fishermen of men. To walk with Jesus, and talk with Him, give all, and reach out to everyone we see. Not just those we like, not just the pretty ones, not just the cool ones, the ones who can get us something,but reach out to all. Can you see how unhappy people are as they are driving in their cars? When they are in Walmart, and they are checking their list, and they have to put things back,because they cannot afford them? We work with people who are mean in every way possible, we meet people on the streets and you can see the pain on their faces. People are searching for something, they are searching for love and something that satisfies their soul. The sad thing is, they are all searching in the wrong places. Jesus is their answer. He is what they need, we are what Jesus needs to bring them to Him. He needs us to be fishers of men. We can fish all day, and all night for the things of this world that do not satisfy,but only for a moment. We need to teach others what to fish for, and we need to dive in now. So what are we waiting for? Can you picture your family, the kids at school, your co-workers, people in their cars, the people that do not know Christ?Are we waiting for someone else to do our job? What happens when it is too late, and we don't have another chance? Lets open our eyes to what fishers of men really are. Are you ready to get your feet wet.


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