Monday, February 2, 2009


Words are part of our daily life. Some give us laughter, some love, some knowledge, some hurt forever. My Mother always said she would rather someone spit on her, than call her a bad name or say harsh things. You could wipe the spit off, but the words stung your soul. They are embedded down deep. It takes a mighty God to help you over the regret. The regret of hearing those words, and forgiving, when forgiveness has never been asked. We can say I love you, or some may say I hate you. Those words stain our hearts with a hurt to last a lifetime. We teach our young children right from wrong, dont say those words , they hurt awfully long. Jesus has heard those same hurtful words, the ugly ones that stay with you. Did he give them back, or did He say Father forgive them? We should so chose our words wisely. They may be the last words you ever say , or the last words your loved ones will hear. In many books there are many wonderful quotes, words spoken from others, that are written down today. What if ours were written down too? Which ones would you choose? Someday all will be shown, we will be reminded of all those words, which ones would you take back? Next time before we speak, let us think upon who those words are there to beat. Gods people are more precious than any awful words, maybe we should think upon His words...Proverbs14:In the mouth of a fool is pride, but the lips of the wise will preserve them.


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