Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What would you do?

We all like to think we would all do the right thing in the situation around us, but we never really know unless we are right there in the moment. What if you saw a woman being mistreated,would you step in? What if you saw a baby all alone in a hot car,would you step in? If you saw someone steal from the store, would you not say anything? If you saw a teenager, with a gang around them waiting to bounce, would you step in?What if you saw someone fall over with a heart attack,would you stop to help? When we see someone in need, in danger, in trouble of sorts, what goes through our minds? Should there even be a second thought? What if it was you who were on the street about to be raped, would you want someone to step in? If you just got robbed and beaten and people just stood and stared, how would you feel? If people mocked you, called you names, and just stood, would you feel anger or say forgive, for they do not know? Thats what Jesus chose to say, when others beat and mocked, and scorned Him, They just stood by and stared, watching Him die for all sin the world did. We should be Jesus to others or how will they know, it may be the only vision they glimpse, of how He loves them so.Lets just take that question out of the theme, and put in I'll do it, I'll do what ever Jesus would ask of me, thats what I would do,I will give all for the one who gave all for me.


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