Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who would you like to have lunch with?

Some people would like to have lunch with hollywood stars,or maybe football or baseball stars, maybe even Oprah, singers who blow you away, creative chefs maybe, or nobel prize winners.Not me. I put great thought into this one, and I came up with a few. So heres my list. Moses: I would ask him what was it like to see the Red Sea part? Abraham: How did he feel when God gave a ram in place of his son, after such great faith. Mary: When did you know Jesus was your Savior, Jonah: Did you wish you would have just obeyed, and what was it like in the belly of a whale, David: What was it like to run for your life for so many years, Joseph: How did you feel when your own brothers turned against you, Stephen: What was it like to be stoned to death, The woman at the well: What was it like to have Jesus right there and knowing all about you, The woman with the bleeding disorder: What was it like to touch the hem of Jesus' garment, The man who picked up and carried Jesus' cross: Did you feel his pain, Paul: What was it like to persecute so many christians and then become a follower of Jesus,Noah:How did he ever get all the wood for the ark, and what did he say to all the people,and lastly did his children ever stray away, Danial: What was it like to be thrown in the lions den and come out untouched, and Job: Did you just want to give up? How did you go on day by day? These are some of the people I cant wait to sit with and get to know in Heaven. To hear from them the questions that are unanswered. Every single prayer we have is answered in Gods time and in Gods way. It may not always be the answer we want, but its the best answer for us. We may not understand everything right now, but someday we will. These men and women have their stories told in the Bible, Gods word, written, by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit. We can hear some of their stories now, but theres so much more I want to know. Who would you love to have lunch with?


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