Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reading, Where can it take you?

Do you love to read? I do. Many people would rather watch television, rent a movie, or even go to the movies. Me, I'd rather have the book. Let me curl up in a quiet place, with a cozy blanket, a glass of tea, and I am all set to go to any place I want to go. Reading can take you places you've never been, meet people you would love to get to know, take you to another time and place altogether. If an author is great they can set the scene for you to where you can see, hear , feel , smell, and sometimes taste everything around you. A book can open your eyes to new ideas, places, and people from all over the world. A good book will let you open the first page and you just don't want to stop until the end. A good book will leave you wanting more. Reading is a passion, its in your heart. Next time before you go watch the movie, think about picking up the book, you'll be thankful you did.....

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