Saturday, March 3, 2018

How to Window Box (small-space plants to grow indoors or out) by Chantal Aida & Ryan Benoit

How creative! Are you on the search for something new, something creative to get excited about? This could be your new project. This is perfect for springtime! 

If you love gardening and simply don't have the space just maybe a window box is something you would enjoy. 

If you love flowers this is a great way to fill your home with beauty and color. There are many great ideas in this sweet gem of a book. There are sixteen different projects that are shared with the reader. A few that I would love to try are the Flower stand, the Southern Belle, the Edible Petals, the Danglers, and the Sunny Succulents

The authors go through instructions on how to garden a window, how to customize your box, resources, and of course beautifully colored photos of window boxes to get you visually excited to begin a new project. 

I seen this book and immediately thought of my daughter who is always decorating her home and she loves flowers. I am excited to share this book with her, but also to try some of these for myself. 

The authors share with each window box the location, indoors or outdoors, how much light is needed, which window is best, just how easy the box you select is, which soil is needed, which topping is suitable for your window box, how much water is needed, and how to feed your plants you have chosen. They give great detail! 

With each box they show the plants that are used and give the name of them. They go through each step to ensure your window box is prepared as best as possible. 

This is a great beginning to a new love. This too is something awesome to share with others. Get the kids involved. Plant and watch it grow! I think with the start that these authors have given, once learning how to create one of these boxes is just the beginning. The imagination can now soar to creating your own beauties to share. 

I am so happy I chose this book for review. I thought I would choose something different from my norm. Going outside the box is just what I needed. lol 🌷

This book was a gift from Clarkson Potter/Publishing for sharing my review with you. 

Chantal Aida and Ryan Benoit are the founders of the award-winning blog The Horticult. Gordon has written for T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Teen Vogue, NBC, and more. As an engineer, photographer, and founder of Ryan Benoit Design, Benoit invents and designs modern furniture, fixtures, and planters that have been featured in the New York Times. They live in Southern California.

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