Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Until We Find Home by Cathy Gohlke

Cathy Gohlke is a favorite for me. She is a master storyteller. She weaves a story before us that takes us back in time to the year of 1940. The war is the backdrop for this story. The main theme is courage under fire. How do you find courage to move forward when you aren't even sure where to step? This is where we find our main character, Claire. A young and beautiful American who has joined the French Resistance. That alone sounds courageous, right? But what happens when the plan goes terribly wrong and the support you thought was waiting for you just isn't to be found? Claire is filled with fear, but the challenge is before her. 

What I love is that she doesn't want to go along with this any longer. The fear is too much. The love she holds for one is most uncertain. She has no idea where to turn. She needs help. This is where we see God move. Just when she thinks there isn't another way He makes a way. Just when she's too tired to budge, there He is to provide aid. A safe place to lay her head, protection in the darkness, and warmth when all she feels is cold. 

This novel journeys with Claire as she seeks solace for the children of this war. She wants them to be safe, to have a home, to have safety, but she doesn't think she's the one to do it. Oh, from Claire, which I didn't so much like at times, I could easily see myself in her. That self doubt, that fear of being alone, the feeling of just wanting to be with the one you love. But, Claire doesn't remain in fear too long. She finds she isn't alone at all. And most of all she realizes she is surrounded by love. Love unexpected. 

There is so much to this novel. The characters are beautifully written. The details give just enough and then gives room for the imagination to come alive. I wanted to leave my dishes and all my chores just so I could keep reading. I would close this novel at night and wake hours later dreaming about this story. That's one powerful story!!!

Claire so wanted to go back home. She just wanted things to go back to the way they were. Through her journey we see that God never leaves us. He remained with Claire and guided her right to where she was to be. You might say she bloomed right where she was planted. She found home in a place she never expected.  I love when God shows us that no matter what, no matter where we are, He is going to make way for big things to happen if we will just trust in Him. Little by little this is what Claire learned to do. 

I loved this novel. I cannot wait to see what's next for Cathy!!

This novel was a gift from Tyndale for sharing my review with you. 

Cathy Gohlke is a three-time Christy Award-winning author. She and her husband divide their time between northern Virginia and the Jersey Shore, enjoying time with their grown children and grandchildren. Visit her website at and find her on Facebook at CathyGohlkeBooks. 


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