Friday, January 5, 2018

Imperfect Justice by Cara Putman

If you're on the search for a legal thriller series this is it!! The first of the Hidden Justice Series is Beyond Justice. (Take a peek at my review). Cara Putman ROCKS! With great anticipation I grabbed up the second installment of this series and let me share with you that it is exceptional in every way! 

The characters leap off the pages. They are so full of life. Strong characters with determination and hope. They live their lives standing for justice, seeking justice, and using the law to their advantage in fighting evil. 

We once again get to follow the lives of the characters in the first novel, but this one takes on the journey of Emilie and a new character, Reid. Putman is a genius in bringing the reader characters with a purpose. They aren't just going through the motions of life, they are living every moment with intention. I love this! We are allowed to see the transparency in these characters through their emotions, wounds, and battles. 

I admire these characters in how they seek the truth. They don't do easy. They are ready and willing to give their all. They walk in faith. They cheer one another onward. We see friendships, a growing romance, the legal side of fighting for justice, and in all of this we see faith entwined throughout these magnificent people that the reader is invited to care about. 

Putman is wonderful with detail. She gives the reader an opportunity to follow the journey of the characters by giving us a fast passed, intelligent, and powerful read. I love closing a novel and wishing for more. This is one of those novels I didn't want to put down. 

In this novel we are reminded of the heroes that often fight for justice behind the scenes. They advocate for those who cannot fight the battle alone. We too see the main characters doubt themselves. We see the battle within as they question themselves. The battle of the flesh, of fear, of doubt. But, wow, do they overcome. This novel doesn't just take place in the courtroom as other legal thrillers. Putman takes us to the heart of each character as we travel with them through every aspect of their lives. 

Loved it!! I can't wait for the third installment of this amazing series. 😊

This novel was a gift from Thomas Nelson for sharing my review with you. 

Cara Putman graduated high school at sixteen, college at twenty, and completed her law degree at twenty-seven. She has published more than twenty books, teaches college courses, practices law, and is a homeschooling mom. She lives with her husband and children in Indiana.


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