Monday, July 24, 2017

Ink and Bone written by Rachel Caine (Book one in the series The Great Library)

I promise that you won't find any spoilers here in my review. It's so difficult to share a review without sharing the amazing story behind it, but even just sharing some of it will give too much away. This is one of those novels with such a great take away. One of those that leaves the reader pondering after they have closed the last page.

This is the first book in series The Great Library. I cannot wait to move to book 2 and 3!! It's one that's so fascinating that you just don't want to put it down. 

For my Christian readers, this novel is not a Christian selection, but it is one I would share with any of my friends. It's even one that can give great insight to peeps of faith! Yes, there's so much to this gem of a novel.

The writing is superb. The story line is outstanding. Riveting and so poignant. Powerful in the insight it gives in for those who love books and history. It gives a foundation of wisdom for treasuring the moments of our lives. A great reminder of never giving too much power to just one person, but keeping history alive by never allowing it to be destroyed no matter if it is good or bad. We would be so lost without history!

What are people willing to do to obtain all the power? What are others willing to do to stop it from happening? Just a few questions that kind of give an idea of where this story goes. It's one that I found fascinating. 

This is my first novel penned by Rachel Caine. I just loved the writing style and the detail she gives. It's just enough to allow the reader to dive in, but still not too much so the imagination can take off!! If you enjoy fantasy and a riveting story this series is one I am sure you too will enjoy!! 

This book was a gift from Penguin Books for sharing my review with you. 

Rachel Caine is the New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of more than forty novels, including Prince of Shadow, the Weather Warden series, the Outcast Season series, the Revivalist series, and the Morganville Vampires series. 


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