Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Consequence of Choice

Drunk drivers are the worst kind of coward. They hide in excuse, never holding themselves accountable. 

They lie.

They have an, it's all about me, mentality.

Sadly, they cannot see that they have a problem. For them, the problem belongs to everyone who cannot understand them. 

They hire high-powered attorneys to fight their battle. Not so they can come forward in truth and face their inexcusable actions, but so they can stand before a judge and court, with the victim in the same room, and plead not guilty to a crime while their defense attorneys fight their ugly. 

They have no remorse. No regard for life. Their worried about their reputation and what society will think of them, but yet, there is no truth in their speech. Their every action doesn't speak of remorse, but of the same behavior. Nothing has changed for them. They hide from truth, unwilling to admit they have caused harm to another because of their choices. How does one live with knowing because of their selfishness they caused death or great harm to another? All because of a choice. Well, a life of choices that led them to take it upon themselves to think they could do no wrong. 

They have already lied to everyone. For them a lie is easier to believe than the truth, because the truth tells a great deal about their character. Do they really care? I'm not so sure about that. Oh, they care about themselves. That is their greatest battle right now. Trying to get others to believe their lie.

They make it all about themselves. From the first drink they chose, to getting behind the wheel of a car, and even finding themselves crashing into another. They insist they are the victim. 

In every action there is denial and a mountain of excuse. They place blame on the victim even though they are innocently suffering the repercussions of another's drastic choice to place their lives in their hands. They don't take into account the life they have altered. They just want to escape accountability. 

Once they got behind the wheel of a car they at that point, and most likely even before, had no regard for anyone else sharing the same road. It doesn't matter to them if they kill or injure another. If that was even the smallest of thought for them they would choose to never drink and drive. 

Their defense attorneys stand before a judge and a courtroom as if they are representing a righteous person. But do they even like the person they are defending? Are they just money in to line their pockets? They like to say they defend the law, but in reality they are defending law breakers. Those very people who have no regard for the law, but laugh in it's face. 

It's despicable enough for a drunk to make excuse, but even so for a defense attorney to build a case on the foundation of a lie, "I didn't do it. I am not guilty." That's not only despicable, but inexcusable. Repulsive to think a drink driver can simply hire a defense attorney to try and excuse them from all charges, no jail time, no loss of license, no part in admitting their actions caused great harm to another. 

My question for defense attorneys that fight so hard to free these criminals is this: What if it were your mother?
Your father?
Your child?
Your brother?
Your sister?
Your friend?  

Which side would you be fighting for if it were your loved one who was dead or injured because of a drunk driver? So, how can you defend one who has caused such devastating injures to another? 

If it were child, would you defend the criminal who took his life? 

If it were your husband, would you defend the criminal who injured him for life? 

What has happened to defending what is right, noble, and honorable? That is the very law, right? Not the criminals who chose to refuse it. When did it happen that defense attorneys made the choice that trying to get drunk drivers, those without a doubt are guilty, should somehow walk away from their actions with no accountability? 

I can understand making sure they are not taken advantage of, that the law is working as it was created to work. I understand standing up for those in which criminals have taken advantage of, but for defense attorneys to stand before those whose lives have been altered by a drunk driver as if they are nothing, well, that doesn't settle well for me. 

I mean there is only one reason why someone refuses a breathalyzer test. They are intoxicated. They know they're inebriated and the thought of being caught is too much for them. For they know the consequences of drinking and driving. But see, it didn't seem to matter until they were caught behind the wheel as their car crashed into another. They are terrified at the thought that their poor and selfish choices have caught up with them with the life altering collision they caused because they were reckless and impaired. 

The driver who crashed into my husband and altered his life, my life, our families' life, on October 12, 2016, is the owner of a bar. This woman's life is surrounded by drinking. The choices she makes in her personal life gives way to how she reacts to those leaving her bar. If she isn't concerned about her own sobriety when she is driving how much then is she concerned with those leaving her bar? 

How is it that we can change society's way of thinking that it's okay to drink and drive? We can have those charged with drinking and driving, those charged with a felony, those who have caused a crash and injured another, to stand and be accountable. To face the reality of what they alone have done. Allow these criminals to walk into a prison and accept the time for that felony charged. Allow these criminals who have a problem with addiction to get the needed help they so need. Give them a voice to share with others what their actions of caused. Yes, allow them to make a difference in society by telling the truth of their actions. Until drunk drivers realize they have a real problem this isn't going to change. Until we strengthen the law and defend what is true and right, stopping the allowance of these criminals to walk away from jail time, nothing will change. 

See, a drunk driver can hire an attorney, then stand back and remain hidden from the community about the truth of their actions, in hopes they will walk away from any kind of charges and jail time. Because if there is the possibility they won't be charged guilty, well then, no one has to know. They can keep their secret of addiction with the ability to go out and do it all over again. 

We are free to choose, but we shouldn't be free from the consequences of our choices. Especially when our very choices impact the life of another. You may say, "But, Robin, what about, for if but if not the grace of God there go I?" I strive to walk in grace. Judging another in the sense of hypocrisy, now there's nothing good there. But in judging wrong from right? We are called to do so. We are to wise in our actions. I don't care who you are or where you are from. Everyone knows right from wrong. To learn from what is wrong so that we can aim to live what is right. Bottom line. Our every choice is building our legacy. We can leave behind a life where we placed others first, where we walked with kindness and love, or we can leave behind a life of poor choices that collided with the lives of others, causing them a life they weren't prepared for and one that only happened because of our lack of good conscience. 

Change comes by realizing our every choice impacts the life of others. That can be a good or bad impact. When we wake each day striving to make a difference, it brings into full measure of just what life can hold each day. The possibilities are endless when we make our lives about the Savior. When we choose to hold ourselves accountable it gives way for others to see an example of humility and honor. 

One choice. That's all it takes to impact the life of another. Wouldn't it be extraordinary if with every choice we thought about how it would impact others? That would change the course of our choice making. 

"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility." Eleanor Roosevelt

"You are the sum total of the choices you make every day." Brit Marling

"Our lives begin and end when we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King Jr. 

"It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people's lives." Clint Eastwood


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