Monday, December 12, 2016

Grace For The Moment (Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the Year) by Max Lucado

There are some books that are timeless. They are prevalent for us at any time in life. Touching us in special ways and filling us with encouragement and inspiring word to guide us closer to the Father. This is one of those gems. A keeper for sure. 

This devotional was first published in 2000. These devotionals are taken from Max's previous books. Each page gives us scripture and  his words of wisdom. I love each devotional having a title and a date. Over and over through my walk with Jesus, as I pick up a devotional, especially those from Max, it is always a blessing that on that date that specific devotional applied to my day. 

These are wonderful words to ponder as one begins the day or in the dark of night before pillow and cheek touch. In this leather bound edition it would make a beautiful Christmas gift. Another great aspect is the large print. Easily read by those who need glasses. 

I love devotionals that lead me to a closer walk with Christ. Those that point me to the Word and don't take away from it, adding the writer's own idea of what they perceive the Word to mean. Max shares stories that always lead the reader to open the Word for themselves and ponder the message before them. 

This beautiful copy will remain on my table where I do my study. We all have those mornings where we need a jump start. This is that gem to bring us to open up our Bible for a deeper study into the Word. 

These devotionals are simple yet so poignant to our lives today. In the beginning of this devotional Max shares from his book, When God Whispers Your Name. To begin our day with choosing love, choosing joy, choosing peace, choosing patience..kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, just these alone can bring us to a day of walking with our Savior. What a wonderful opening to a devotional. 

Just one page, a few paragraphs, words shared, hearts touched. Yes, that makes for a day of choosing grace in the moment. I so love this devotional. If you have yet to purchase a devotional to jump start your day, this is a great choice!!

This devotional was a gift from Thomas Nelson for sharing my review with you. 

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