Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jesus Always (Embracing Joy in His Presence) by Sarah Young

I love devotionals. How about you? There are some that stand out among others. This is one of those special gems. Like me, maybe you have read Jesus Calling. It's a devotional that changed my sweet times with Jesus. Maybe you have never picked up a devotional. This is your opportunity to pick up something that will bring blessings you have yet to experience. 

Sarah Young opened up a whole new world for me through this one gem of a book. Why? We often think we don't have time to study. Mornings are rushed and well, lets face it, nights are just exhaustion waiting to meet our pillow. Sarah Young brought about a devotional to help people like me know that all it takes is a moment and a willing heart to meet with God. When we make time for our Jesus, life changes. 

I too have Sarah's devotional, Jesus Calling (Morning and Evening). I absolutely LOVE this and use it daily. How does Sarah's devotionals help me in my faith journey? They are personal. Written as if it were God speaking to my heart. His words and Sarah's passion brings the Word alive more and more for me. 

As I have followed the dates I can share that there have been many times that what I read that morning applied to my day! Reading it sets me on a course to a deeper relationship with Jesus. The devotionals are one page, just two paragraphs, and include two or three verses for deeper reading. It's Sarah's devotional that speaks to me, gets me pondering the Word, my Jesus, my heart and where I am in my walk. As I dig into the verses it's there that the Spirit speaks to me, bringing me to the place where I say, "Yes, Jesus"! 

Sarah's newest gem is just awesomeness of 365 devotionals that are powerful and poignant leading the reader to a deeper walk with Jesus. Who doesn't need joy? Even more joy! Can we ever be too full of joy? This devotional is concentrated on bringing us to the place of embracing joy in a whole new way. This is why Sarah's devotionals are so wonderful. They are life changing. 

I use them in many ways. I follow the date, but sometimes, especially if I'm having a day I just open up one of them and read until I feel the Spirit move in me, lifting my weary soul and replacing it with peace, joy, and hope. 

They can be used for teaching tools, for added study, and this gem would make a great gift for anyone. These are not just geared toward women, but anyone seeking to walk with Jesus.

This devotional is small enough to carry in a purse, a bag, keep it on a desk, and even in the car. It's an easy access to finding joy in a day that is a  mess of emotion. 

This is a devotional you could easily read together as a family. Oh, and to read it together as a couple! Yes, it's that good. This little gem is a powerful gift for the soul. It is one you will enjoy to read even after the 365 days have pasted. It's a keeper for sure!!

This devotional was a gift from Thomas Nelson for sharing my review with you.

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