Monday, February 1, 2016

Step By Step by Candace Calvert

This is my first novel to read penned by Candace Calvert. Wow! I wasn't sure what to expect, but let me tell you that all that was missing was popcorn. I felt like I was sitting in the front row of a movie theater. Calvert has penned a beautiful novel about tragedy meeting healing, brokenness finding beauty within the ashes, anger letting go and reaching for forgiveness, and love abounding in the midst of a messy world. 

A medical drama, but this novel goes far beyond the doors of the hospital. Calvert takes us to the heart of the characters. 

The characters tugged at my heart. We are introduced to people who are real. People you and I know. They could very well be us. We not only know their story and circumstance, but as the story weaves a beauty of faith we feel their emotion. That makes me admire Calvert as a writer. When the reader is able to connect to each and every character that is a story well written. 

We meet characters who are a part of a crisis team. People  filled with grace and mercy. They go out at all hours and whenever hearts are in need. No pay. Nothing expected in return. Just willing vessels ready to be present. We see that as they reach out to give aid to others, they themselves are overcoming their own wounds one step at a time. Some of these characters are easy to love as others are a bit rough around the edges, but once we get to know them and understand their story we see they too are just as lovable. I think that is one lesson I can take away from this novel. Each of us have our inner struggles. Each person we meet, whether lovable or not, has their own story that they are trying to overcome. 

I enjoyed everything about this novel. The story line flows easily. The characters come to life off of these black and white pages. This would make for a great Sunday night Hallmark movie. This story continues and will be released in fall of 2016. I can't wait to see what's next!

This novel was a gift from Tyndale for sharing my review with you.

Canace Calvert is a former ER nurse and author of the Mercy Hospital, Grace Medical, and Crisis Team Series. Her medical dramas offer readers a chance to "scrub in" on the exiting world of emergency medicine. Wife, mother, and every proud grandmother, Candace makes her home in northern California. Please visit her website at 


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