Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Atlas Girl by Emily T. Wierenga

What a perfect title and cover for this poetically written memoir. Emily T. Wierenga is transparently beautiful. I love when a girl bares her soul for the world to see. Not so the world can see her, but so that the world can see her Jesus. Emily opens up in a way that makes you feel like sisters. 

Emily shares her life. Her struggles. Her passions. Her ministry today. We journey with her as she travels back remembering the days that have brought her to the here and now. Days that have torn her, to those that have encouraged her. She shares the ugly that lies deep in the haunting night and the light of day that she has learned to trust and follow. 

I found her words to be inspiring. As my own mother grows in age and struggles, Emily gives me encouragement to carry on and make memories of each moment. She inspires us to live life. She has faced anorexia. I could relate with her on so many levels. My heart ached for her, yet it soared in seeing her spread her wings to healthy living. 

She shares life at home, the day she decided to leave home, and takes us traveling with her as she journeys through many areas in life. She desired so much, yet was lost at where to find it. Most of all, she had to find herself in the atlas given her. I love how we see Emily come to understand when God says, "Watch Me take care of you". 

Emily inspires us all to share our story. To pen the journey and to learn. Life is worth living to the fullest. This is one of the sweetest memoirs I've had the pleasure of reading. 

This memoir was a gift from Baker Books for sharing my review with you. 

Emily T. Wierenga is an award-winning journalist, columnist, artist, author, and blogger at Her work has appeared in many publications, including Prodigal Magazine, A Deeper Story, Christianity Today, Dayspring's (in)courage, and Focus on the Family. She speaks regularly about her journey with anorexia. She lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, Trenton, and their two sons.


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