Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two Cups of Coffee Side by Side

Two coffee cups share a spot on the counter. 

She hopes there will always be two cups side by side. 

So many years together. She had found his love of coffee. She had watched him gently sip the liquid warmth over the years. She now could share in what she understood to be a coveted moment in time. 

Each night before bed she readied the magic brew. Timed it perfect for each morning. She set down two cups side by side ready to to enjoy. 

As the morning sun began to rise the house would deliver the tantalizing smell that awakened them. She readied it at night and each morning he would pour her cup first and then his. He would carry this gift to her every morning and say, "For my princess". They would snuggle in for a few sweet hours of chatting about life, dreams and just silliness. 


They would become best friends. 

His cup held black. Her cup was vanilla. So much about them different. Yet, so much alike. The years had given them a gift of peace and stillness. Both hold great faith that continues to grow. Learning to never take moments like these for granted. 

Raised five children together and an array of family pets. Life has been busy. Work. Homeschooling. Sports. Church activities. Every day seemed to hold something. This was the life they dreamed.

But now, over coffee, they dream together. They pick places on a map and share where they would like to travel. They say what gifts they would give if it were possible. They take vacations to places they will never see in real life, but through their dreams, they escape and are already there. 

Her husband leaves for work. She walks to the kitchen to empty their cups. It hits her. What happens if one day there is only one cup? No. She refuses to go there. But God calls her there. He wants her to see. He wants her to remember. 

She now embraces each moment. She lets the little stuff go. She listens more. She is careful to look into his beautiful green eyes. She soaks in his laugh. Appreciates so much more. Never does she want time to pass without realizing how special each moment is. She wants to start again. Living each moment not as its the last, but as if it were the very first. 

They hold hands. They dance. They pray for their children and grandchildren. Oh, their love has grown through the years. Not every moment was easy. Some days she wanted to give up. But, God grew them. They learned to trust Him. To open their hands and give Him everything. 

Whether they have twenty-five years or eighty-five, she prays they never forget the love. The simple love. She prays the laughter remains and the prayers come to fruition. 

No more worry about the spilled coffee on the counter or the dirty boots left by the door. 

She stops now. Each morning in the quiet. She looks around and sees the life they have created together and she loves him all the more. 


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