Saturday, April 5, 2014

Big Picture Interactive Bible by B&H Kids Holman Bible Publishing

First I must share that HCSB is my favorite Bible! There just isn't another like it. Holman publishes the best of the best in Bibles. I have an outstanding study Bible that I absolutely love. So, when I received this children's Bible for review I was over the top excited. I now have grandkiddos that are going to love spending time learning stories that they will connect with over a lifetime. 

This Bible is for boys between the ages of 8-12, but it could really be used for a girl too. And the ages can also vary according to your child. You are the best judge of that. I encourage you to follow the highlighted links and check out all of the children's Bibles. You are sure to find the perfect Bible to fit your little one. 

This is a beautiful and inviting Bible. The pictures are big and bold. I think that's a great visual aid for little ones. They tend to ask more questions and can connect with the story on a whole new level.

There too are memory verses for little ones to begin learning. I must be honest. I'd LOVE to carry this Bible!! God's Words are highlighted in red. I always love that added gift. There are maps, a dictionary, and many AWESOME sections such as; Big Questions, Christ Connection, Seeing the Big Picture, Big Words and many more cool stuff that will draw little ones in. 

Hands down this is the best Children's Bible I have seen. You can even download an app! Now that's pretty cool stuff for kids!! This would make a great gift for little ones and most of all, it will make for a wonderfully sweet time between parent and child. 

This Bible was a gift from Holman Bible Publishing for sharing my review with you. 


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