Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Runaway Saint by Lisa Samson

You know the saying, "We can choose our friends, but our family chooses us"? If you have a perfect family you may not understand, but if you are part of a family that struggles, you are going to find yourself within these pages. 

This story will bring you to ask yourself, "What do we do with secrets?", and "What do we do when our family is..well..strange?" Lisa Samson has brought an exceptional story to us. First of all, the cover is what got me to request this book. The title is intriguing and as we read we total get it. I love the shadow behind the woman on the cover. The closed umbrella. It all says so much about the poetry Lisa writes. 

This wasn't a quick read for me. It was one to soak in and figure out the characters. Sara, the main character, has a hard time saying no. But when she accepts the visit of her Aunt Bel into her home, things begin to quickly change. Early into the story Sara is having a conversation with her mom and Sara shares that she was living as if her aunt were dead. She has been gone for so long and now she has returned and the reasons are what really bring this story together. Do we accept change? Do we accept our family no matter what? 

This is a well penned story. I found her mother to be really quirky and her father to be almost stagnant. I found her aunt to be intriguing and Sara captured my heart. With all the characters in this story they all connect and the story flows beautifully. 

Lisa Samson is an exceptional writer who tells a story with passion. Faith, love, and acceptance all play a roll in this story. If your looking for a new read this is one to check out!

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for sharing my review with you. 


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