Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making Room For Change

I pull in the drive. There are no curtains moving while a little dachshund head pops up with excitement. I walk into a quiet house. No Daisy to greet me at the door with yips of hello and I missed you so so much. With Jake, my youngest child, now staying with his big sister, there aren't dirty boots in front of the door and towels in the bathroom floor. No banjo playing down the hallway. No phone chiming constantly. With these changes I had to be intentional with my own changes. I had to accept that life would be different. But different isn't always bad. With different comes new. It's what we do with those changes that matters. 

With each day comes change in one way or another. We can remain stuck or we can make the clear choice to move in new ways. It's up to us. 

We surrender our day to the Lord and give Him the room He needs to fill it with ALL. If I'm ready and accepting of the good, I too must be ready and accepting of the not so good. You know those changes. They hurt. They burn deep. They cut like a knife. But we survive. We make it through the day. Night falls and there is Jesus waiting once again to carry us through. Soon, before we know it, we have made it through another day. 

Challenges come. We learn. We grow. Some days I take two steps forward and then one step back. We forget that life is a journey. We want things to remain the same. We are afraid of change. But how sad for us to remain stuck in our constant. To grow with Jesus change must come. Life continues to flow whether we join it or not. Why not make the choice to join? Each day should be celebrated. 

I like change until it hurts. No one is ever prepared for that kind of change, but friends, when we can't see up ahead there is no reason to fear. Jesus is already there. Waiting. He has prepared our path. All we must do is wait for direction. He will lead if we will only follow. 

I've changed my entire daily routine. I am determined to make room for the new that Jesus has. No matter what that new might be, it's okay. I trust Him more than ever. He is showing me the beauty of change. 

There is One constant in my life and in Him I can trust that whatever changes may come today He is with me and will guide me through with grace. 

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8


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