Monday, October 28, 2013

"The Wedding Wish" by Loree Lough

If we were to meet in the Christian aisle of a book store and you were searching for a great read I would pick a Loree Lough book off the shelf and say, "If you choose a book penned by Loree you will never go wrong and always close the last page blessed". I love it when a book captures your soul. You know what I mean. As you open the book your meeting someone new. By the last chapter you feel as though you have made a life long friend. Loree's novels do more than simply tell a story. They invite you to be a part of the story that unfolds before your eyes. The characters are real. You feel their emotion, whether they are on cloud nine or in the pit of despair. A Loree Lough book is a journey and it's one that I enjoyed immensely. I LOVED everything about this story. It was a short, but powerful read. 

The Wedding Wish is a book that brings us to meet Leah Jordan. As you check out the back cover of the book you see that Leah has stage four cancer. She is about to enter heaven a little sooner than she ever expected. But what she fails to do is give up. She accepts this journey and travels it with grace. 

We all have wishes, but to Leah, she knows her time doesn't allow for her to just dream big. She chooses to live big. Being a woman of faith she knows God is in total control. Nothing touches her life that has not first gone through the hand of God. 

What if you knew your time here on earth was shortened? Leah isn't allowing the cancer to make life less than the perfect gift that it is. She is living a life determined. This is a sweet and tender story that is filled with grace and mercy. We meet childhood friends, Jade Nelson and Riley Steele. They play an important roll in Leah's wish. Leah is doing more than wishing upon a star. She is praying for God's will. She is preparing for tomorrow. A tomorrow that will impact her precious daughter, Fiona. 

This beautiful story has it all. When Leah needs her friends they come at first call. They share a friendship that is laced with a love that has no boundaries. As the story unfolds we too are hoping for Leah's wishes to come true. We don't always get the ending we wish for. We don't always get the life we dreamed of. Sometimes circumstances are unchangeable.  Leah knows how her story ends, but she is thinking beyond her last day. Through Leah we see that what we do with our life is our choice. She has made the choice to prepare. To create a living legacy that shouts of hope and faith. Leah has learned to take each moment, cherish what is most important and to live life out as a treasured gift. 

Her wish will be their reality. One that is surrounded in faith, hope, and love. 

This book was a gift from Loree Lough for sharing my review with you. The Wedding Wish is published by Whitaker House and is available now. 

Loree Lough prolific writer, Loree Lough has more than seventy books, sixty short stories, and 2,500 articles in print. Her stories have earned dozens of industry and Reader's Choice awards. A frequent guest speaker for writers' organizations, book clubs, private and government institutions, corporations, college and high school writing programs, and more, Loree has encouraged thousands with her comedic approach to "learned-the-hard-way" lessons about the craft and industry. For decades, Loree has been an avid wolf enthusiast, and she dedicates a portion of her income each year to efforts that benefit the magnificent animals. She splits her time between a home in the Baltimore suburbs and a cabin in the Allegheny Mountains, and she shares her life with a spoiled pointer named Cash and her patient, dedicated husband, Larry, who has supported her writing and teaching endeavors throughout the years.


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