Monday, September 9, 2013

Encouragement For Today (devotions for everyday living) by Renee Swope, Lysa TerKeurst, Samantha Evilsizer, and the Proverbs 31 Team

Good morning! There is nothing like starting the day with God's Word. I am one of those girls who loves a great devotional to read along with my Bible, while having my morning coffee. I love sharing powerful devotionals with you all. They are not only a great tool to begin a day in grace, but a great value in our everyday living. So, what better than to have a devotional written for everyday living?

The Proverbs 31 team of women have empowered me to be the woman of God I am today. How? They are real, transparent, struggling, surviving women. Women of grace and mercy who are walking the road of faith. They share honest stories of their everyday life. It could socks, soccer, or cancer. We get to walk along with them. Girlfriends who are connected by One God and Savior. Sisters of grace. These girls tell it like it is. They bare their dirty moments and share how they triumphed not by their own merit, but by the sweet grace of God. 

How important for women to share with women. We don't have to hide under perfection or wear masks that hold back who we really are. We can be real with one another and that is exactly what these ladies do. I applaud them for striving to make a difference in this world one woman at a time. 

So, do I like their devotional? Lol Yes, Ma'me! The ladies share 100 devotionals. No, this isn't a 365 day devotional. These devotionals are powerful, yet simple. They take issues that we face daily. It is written in such a way that you can relate to every single devotional. There is a nugget that you can take away from each one and that is powerful. They begin with the Word of God and share a devotional that points to the power of the scripture. At the end of each devotional they share a personal prayer, and four important aspects to walking in the Word.  Remember, Reflect, Respond, and Power Verses.  

Now, you could use this devotional to read each morning or evening. You could stick it in your desk for a break at work. If your purse is as big as mine (lol) you too could carry it with you. Hey, you never know when your going to have a few minutes alone to soak in some of these devotionals. 

You know what I like? As I read this devotional it reassures me that it's okay to be me. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to slip up. It's okay to be imperfect. I found this devotional to be one that I will keep at my desk to go to again and again. 

This would make for a great gift for a friend or a sweet treat for yourself. I think this is one your going to love!

This devotional was a gift from Zondervan for sharing my review with you.

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