Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Wishing Tree by Marybeth Whalen

Imagine waking up one morning and you find out your losing your job, the very job your father gave you. Yes, he's closing up shop and the relationship you are in, yeah, it's not working out the way you dreamed. So, what happens? You turn on the television and realize your sister is getting proposed to on national television. Oh, the sisterly love Ivy must be feeling right now. Ivy Marshall is good at keeping all of her feelings tucked neatly inside. That is up until today. She wakes and it's as if life has changed overnight. Communication with your parents hasn't been the greatest and you are full of emotions you don't know what to do with. Sound like you can relate to Ivy? I sure can. This is the premise for the well penned story, "The Wishing Tree".

Marybeth Whalen has a gift of weaving together a story that strengthens the heart and makes you ponder your own life. In this story we see a family separated but reunited by a wondrous wedding. This family is brought together by a wishing tree.

This novel is set in South Carolina at Sunset Beach. This is a place of healing in many ways for Ivy. As she escapes and returns home once again she is uncovering all those pent up feelings and giving herself room to breath. Have you ever asked yourself, "Did I choose the right one?" Ah, yes, we look back at those first loves and ponder the thoughts of what if I had...This is where Ivy is now that everything is changing.

We get to see Ivy see a new side to herself. She discovers the importance of forgiveness. This is where grace comes in. A sweet grace that gives Ivy comfort and helps her to realize it is Jesus who completes her. The people around us are not perfect and we cannot expect perfection from others, as we are not perfect ourselves. Change is not easy. But as we see, we can accept the chance and trust the Lord with our yesterday as well as our tomorrow.

This was a quick read for me. I sat down with a cup of coffee for an afternoon of reading and found myself enjoying this novel. I think this is one you too will enjoy. The words flow gently and the story unravels in perfection.

This book was a gift from Zondervan for sharing my review.

Marybeth Whalen is the wife of Curt and mom of six children. She is the director of She Reads, an online book club focused on spotlighting the best in women's fiction. Marybeth is the author of The Mailbox, She Makes It Look Easy, The Guest Book, and The Wishing Tree (Spring 2013). Marybeth spends most of her time in the grocery store but occasionally escapes long enough to scribble some words. She's always at work on her next novel. Marybeth and her family live in North Carolina. You can find her online at


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