Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Women's NIV Devotional Bible by Zondervan

I received the Women's Devotional Bible by Zondervan as a gift for my review. This week I have been reading through the pages of this lovely devotional. This Bible was released in September of 2012. I received the hardback copy. You can easily slip the jacket off. I always take the jacket off for easy carrying. That's just me. This is an NIV version for easy understanding.

I must be honest and tell you this isn't quite what I expected from a women's devotional. When looking for a women's devotional I search for one that relates to women and has devotionals based on issues that women face daily. I found this devotional Bible to be more for everyone. I was hoping for something more personal.

With that being said, the devotions are very well written. There is one for every day of the year. They are even labeled for the days of the week and for weekend devotionals to help keep you on track for daily reading.

With each devotion there is a key verse and three reflection questions and related reading so you can dig deeper. I found these to be great questions to ponder.

With the beginning of each book of the Bible there is a brief summary of what the book entails. Author, date, audience, setting, and a verse to remember.

You have a subject index and many great reading plans. I must tell you, I think this is the favorite part of the devotional for me.
60 Day overview of the Bible
30 Days for beginning your walk with Christ
30 Days with Jesus
30 Days in the Psalms
30 Days in Proverbs
20 Not-So-Famous Bible stories
30 Days with Paul
30 Days with Promises
30 Days of Leadership
30 Days of Prayer
30 Days of Knowing God
30 Stories of Great Faith

As you can see this devotional has many great reading plans and that is the key, to begin reading on a daily basis. The cover offers a great reminder that as you begin your day with coffee, take time and enjoy it with Jesus, over His Word and saturate yourself in His grace for the day.

This Women's Devotional Bible was a gift from Zondervan.


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