Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Like Jesus Devotional by Max Lucado

This devotional blew me away. I was totally surprised. I'm a Max Lucado fan. I admire his work, but sometimes it can be repetitive as book after book comes out. This is one I missed in 2002 and has now come out repackaged. It's a thirty day devotional. Thirty days spending time with Jesus. The introduction alone is praiseworthy. I pondered the introduction for days. As he asks, "What if for one day, Jesus were to become you?" This was such a powerful question for me. There are other questions to follow that make you stop in your tracks.

In each devotional, Max Lucado shares a scripture verse. Along with that verse he shares a powerful devotional. He focuses on four components: Thinking, hearing, reflecting and speaking. Along these lines he ends the devotional with a few questions that are sure to make you think and grow. There is just enough room to pen your answers. I love this aspect. I enjoy working through a devotional and later coming back to it to see just how the Lord has moved in my life.

Although this devotional is created for a thirty day journey, you could use it in any way easy for you. It too would be a great teaching tool. These are life lessons Max shares. Lessons from the Word. Wisdom for the heart. He shares in this devotional how God loves me just where I am right now. He loves me so much He doesn't want me to remain as I am, but grow to be more like Jesus. In fact, his words are, "God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus." This statement sums up this enter devotional.

This is one devotional I will return to again and again. I too think it's one you will enjoy.

This devotional was a gift from Thomas Nelson for my review.


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