Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas From My Nest To Yours

Friends, I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas. For those of you who take time to stop in at my nest, I just want you to know you bless me. When you share with me, from your heart to mine, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This is my little spot to share the Jesus I know. It's my little home to share how my life is richer just by knowing my Savior and having a relationship with Him. I get to share my happiness and sadness with you all. It's the place where I can be totally honest and unveil my heart that so longs to follow Christ and His example. I fall short. I am a sinner. But by His grace I have been saved. Hallelujah!

Christmas is not always what we expect. We dream of happiness and peace. We dream of snow and a home filled with laughter. We have pictured in our minds a work of perfection. Circumstance has a way of changing our attitude at Christmas. If all is well, we have a great Christmas. If something is missing we call it a bad year.

Friends, Christmas isn't determined by our circumstance. Christmas is the season of hope because it is when we celebrate our Savior's birth. Jesus came into the world to save us. When we keep our focus on Him and only Him, it changes our view.

My husband and I have five children between us, which makes our family complete. It's not always easy for us to celebrate on Christmas Day, so we take turns and we just get together when we can. It just so happened last Saturday we shared Christmas breakfast together. This just may be a new tradition in our family. It was wonderful to share breakfast, to open gifts and just share in laughter and good times.

Friends, celebrate where you are. Make your day special, no matter the circumstance or who is with you. Worship our King and His birth. Share His love with others. Listen to Christmas music you love. Break out the scrapbooks. Whether your sharing a huge dinner of ham and fixings or a bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese, smile and enjoy each moment. Don't just dream of a perfect holiday, live the precious moment in the hope that Christ has given us. Most of all, spend time with our Savior. Read about His birth in Luke 1-3. I read these chapters and find myself in awe of this Babe who was sent to be the Savior of the world.

Enjoy your worship. Attend a children's Christmas play. Grab a few old classics and add some popcorn to the tree. Be where you are and enjoy each moment. There are blessings just waiting for us to unwrap. We just first have to realize the gift before us. Don't waste your time comparing your Christmas to those of your friends. Don't worry about who is coming and who is not. Enjoy those you are with and pray for those who are not in your company. Christmas begins in the heart and as we seek our Savior, some how something magical happens, and His light is spread to warm the hearts of those we meet.

Have that winter wonderland in your heart. Pray for your family and friends. Be thankful for the blessings you have and spend time blessing others. Lets continue this season of hope that Christ has given us and share His love with all we meet.

Merry Christmas and many sweet blessings to you!


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