Wednesday, December 26, 2012

His Love Brings Hope Secure

You know what gives me hope? No matter what circumstances enter my life. No matter how much I change. No matter who enters or leaves my life. Jesus remains the same. He is steadfast and sure. He is present always. How sweet to have hope in Jesus! I can't imagine my life without Him.

We set Him on a shelf and pull Him out when He is needed. He isn't our genie. Our relationship with Him is not a give and take. You give me this and I will give you that game. But isn't that what we do? We tell Him our wants and needs and we expect Him to send each one special delivery. We want to stamp the date on the box and we never want to see a return to sender. We tell Him promises only to break them weeks later. Sometimes  only days later. The wondrous thing about Jesus is the fact that His promises are true and lasting.

We are forever changing people. I'm not the same girl I was twenty years ago. Sure, there are aspects of my personality that are the same, but once I accepted Christ as my Savior, He created a new me. That old chick is long gone. Oh, there are times she shows her face, but she is quickly reminded she has nothing on this new God chick.

Praise Jesus, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I just think that is the coolest thing ever! As I am changing from yesterday, to today and tomorrow, He remains the same. Never faltering. Never moving. Yes, that gives me hope. A hope in my Savior. I can trust in Him. 

People are wishy washy, aren't we? We change our minds many times a day. It is such a blessing that our Lord knows the plan for my life. He sees my past, my present and knows my future. He has every last detail planned out. Every breath I take has purpose in His kingdom.

We can take a life time searching for who we are or we can seek Christ today and give Him room in our lives to show us just who we were created to be. I mean, we have His Word to guide us on our journey. We have prayer to allow the Holy Spirit to move through us. Oh, how sweet it is to just be able to be totally honest with Jesus. You know, just to open up and talk with Him gives the heart peace. It eases those difficult days. He has a way of lighting up our life in ways no one else can.

In Him there is total perfection, yet in me, I am a work in progress. Progress that will reach perfection when I meet my Jesus. We are on a growth journey. We are either moving forward or backward. I have learned that there are times where I have had to take few steps back to learn how to take one step forward. Each step has meaning. Each step is a choice. That choice belongs to me. Yes, in Christ, we have freewill. He never forces us to accept Him or His will for lives. He doesn't demand us to surrender to Him. He leaves that choice to us.

Friends, I can tell you, my life became sweeter when I surrendered to Jesus. When I gave Him my heart my life changed forever. When I have my eyes on Jesus my steps tend to take a forward movement, but wow, when I take my eyes off Jesus and place them on me, my steps take a backward slide. But praise His holy name. He is with me on this journey. It's a journey to everlasting. Where He is, I want to me. I never want to be anywhere He isn't.

Whatever today brings, I can know without a doubt my Jesus is with me. He has covered me with His love. He was washed me in His grace and He gives the sweetest mercies. Friends, there is no love like the precious love of Jesus Christ.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is new creation, old things have passed away, and look, new things have come." 2 Corinthians 5:17


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