Sunday, November 11, 2012

Placebo by Steven James

This was an interesting read for me. Truth is the subject. One seeks to uncover and one seeks to bury. Gives great insight on our Christian walk. I think at times I have been on both sides of the truth, but nevertheless, the truth always prevails. Jeven is on the side of truth and uncovering not only the truth but seeking to unveil to the world those trying to bury the truth.

This story holds great premise and it written with an intelligent pen. I'm going to be totally honest here. I think most will love this book. I had a hard time diving in and relating to the characters. Not that the story wasn't well written. It was.  This novel was rooted in a LOT of science and for me and that just kind of bored me. I totally understand why the science was there. The character wouldn't be who is was if the author had left out the scientific part.

I just think this wasn't my cup of tea. The beginning was amazing. I was ready to find out more about Jeven's family. We witness how this horrific tragedy touches his life. We get to have the front seat to witnessing him uncover and outwit those around him.

Jeven is a great character. Smart and one that I would want on my side if I was diving into the scientific world of conspiracy. I just wanted more of him. I wanted to understand him better. This leaves me with book two coming out. Just maybe I will uncover more of Jeven in those pages.

I won't stop here with Steven James. I will grab up number two in this series entitled, "Singularity". James is a brilliant author. Remember, this is only my opinion. Most of you will devour these pages and soak up all this science stuff. If you have read James before, you will enjoy this one just as much.

This book was a gift from Revell for my review.

Steven James Critically acclaimed author Steven James has written more than thirty books, including Story, A Heart Exposed, and the bestselling Patrick Bowers thriller series. He is considered one of the nation's most innovative storytellers and versatile authors, and is a contributing editor to Writer's Digest. Steven lives in Tennessee with his wife and three daughters.


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