Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Morning Son Makes All The Difference

Have you felt as though you are in the pit of darkness? Night settles upon us and we can't seem to see the stars for the tears that cloud our eyes. Hurt echos through the night. Pain strengthens and we wonder when morning will come. Been there, friend? I have been there in that darkness that seems like it is about to swallow me. It's in that moment the anxiety takes hold of me and I'm standing in fear. I fall to my knees and cry out to God. It may be more of a whimper, but He hears me. I hear Him say, "Morning, sweet daughter. Joy comes in the morning".

Have you wondered about morning? I have. I have woke and nothing has changed. The same pain is there. A shot in the heart has left an open wound, bleeding and in need of healing. The same circumstance surrounds me. So, what is this about morning that is different? Because I'm pretty much seeing the same punch in the gut I went to bed with.

But I begin to focus on the verse that carries the words, "Joy comes in the morning". What does the morning hold? How is it we tell morning from night? The sun rises. Each and every morning the same sun rises. When the sun rises the fog lifts. When the sun rises warmth blankets the ground. The dark is made clear. We hear a newness. Singing birds, calling forth a new day.

When morning comes it's all about how I see it. What's in my vision? If I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son is what I see when I open my eyes in the morn. When the Son stands, when He rises, everything changes. He takes the lead. The control is His. When He rises all else fades away. He brings healing. He brings forth hope. In Him I find redemption of the nights horrors. In Him I see with new eyes.

It's only when I change my focus that my vision changes. It's up to me what I see. I can chooses to see the pain and circumstance or I can choose to Christ and the peace He brings. He can remove the fog that clouds my vision of what's really there in front of me.

"For His anger lasts only a moment, but His favor, a lifetime. Weeping may spend the night, but there is joy in the morning." Psalm 30:5

In Christ I can find joy. When He rises the birds sing Hallelujah. When He rises He offers Himself to me, His child, and wraps me in His love. In the suffering that I have lived it is no comparison to the joy that the Lord has brought to my life. Today I can look back and even in those darkest hours Christ was there. He didn't leave me. He has used each and every trial to lead me to the woman I am today. He is still molding me. Creating in me a humble heart of love.

When I wake I remove the sleep from my eyes and put my glasses on. It takes a while for me to see clearly. See, when I wake after a night of sadness or anger, it has given me time to let go and think new. It's given me time to accept the peace of God and entrust my day to Him. Have you gone to bed feeling so strained, but you have offered up prayer before you close your eyes?

We wake, the sun shines through the window and we can feel that no matter what, today, God is in control. No matter what comes or what changes occur, He is going to lead us as He stands before us as our Savior. He is Yahweh! He is the Beginning and the End. The Alpha and the Omega. There is nothing that happens that our Lord does not see. He knows our deepest pain and He is there. Never doubt. For He is there, standing in the gap for you and for me.

We get so focused on a hurt that we forget to see His glories that are new every day. We focus on the pain and we forget the gain that was brought to us through the pain that Christ felt. Friend, don't give up. He is there to not only see you through, but to offer Himself as your grace and strength.

Oh, how sweet it is to feel the warmth of the love of Christ surround me. There is nothing that can take Him away from me. Friends, we must live as though the Son is always shining. Even when the Son sets, He rests upon us. He brings comfort. Healing hearts. He lifts burdens. He tears down bridges leading to nowhere. He covers us and protects us from those Goliaths that attack.

He is risen! Live as though is is present and shining in your life.


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