Monday, November 5, 2012

Give Me New Vision, Lord

As of late I have been focused on two words. Hearing and seeing. We read in scripture about hearing and seeing the Word of God, but do we really? Do we really open our ears to all and widen our vision to captivate all the Lord has for us? I don't think we do. At least I know I haven't. To put it simply. We limit God.

We limit Him in so many ways.

In church we quench the Spirit. Yes, we do. Have you heard a message or a song and you just wanted to stand and shout glory, but held it back? Have you been on the edge of your seat and felt your heart want to say, Amen? Instead, we are fearful of what others around us are going to think. Hey, so who is the crazy chick over there with her hand raised? Ya all, we have got to let go of that fear. It's time we stand up and say, "Yep, that's me! I'm feeling the Spirit move and I'm gonna let Him move through me!" We are not to be ashamed of the gospel and we are not to be ashamed to give Him room to move in us and through us. When we are comfortable with the Holy Spirit moving in us we allow others to be comfortable in their skin. Which gives them the room they need to express the love they feel for the Lord.

We do it while we are in the store. Ever feel the need to stop someone and just share with them? Hello..guilty as charged. I have felt the Spirit move me to share with a woman and I passed it by. I not only passed a blessing for this precious woman, but for me. When God is at work it doesn't matter what anyone around you is saying or doing. As long as we are in His will and way, He will take care of the rest. That bold move might just be what another needs to see to make that move for herself in the kingdom of God.

So as I have been questioning my own self on hearing and seeing God, I have asked myself, "In what ways do I limit Him?" I limit Him, by staying in that comfort zone. I limit Him by fearing I will offend another. I limit Him in ways too many to list here.

Just what if we could see the spiritual war going on around us daily? What if we could see into the attacks of evil and see God's presence and power to protect and cover us? I think that would change the way we believe and live. I think it just might set us on fire for the Lord! Friends, we don't have to see it. Its real. It happens moment by moment. Live for Jesus today and know He has the victory!

It's like hearing a song and only feeling the beat. Those words are valuable. The music gives motion to the words and as they move us we grow in a new way.

While in the woods last week I sat quietly waiting. Waiting for the turkey to approach so I would be ready. I seen and heard two different wood peckers. I seen two different kinds of squirrels and I was seeing the trees before me like never before.

I decided to look up from where I was sitting instead of simply looking out straight ahead. The view was spectacular. Sometimes we just need to change the view. We need to change our surroundings and most importantly we need to change how we allow ourselves to see and hear.

I noticed the smallest of bugs and my ears were in tune with the turkey approaching. I not only heard their call, but I could hear each step. I could hear them before I could see them. Hmm..that right there is good stuff.

See, I prepared myself for the woods. I dressed and gathered all I needed for the afternoon. As I sat in waiting I began praying, "Lord, give me ears to hear and eyes to see beyond my own vision and my own capabilities". Simply put..I want to see beyond my pew. I want to see beyond my door step. I want to see more of God and less of me. I want to live in such a way that nothing but Jesus matters. See, if Jesus matters most, then all will matter, because He will give me the heart I need to love those who are unlovable and He too will give me the forgiveness I need to let go of the hurts that others have brought to my heart.

Bitterness and anger can block out what God has for us to see. When we are angry it's pretty hard to see past red. Am I right? When we are bleeding red, it's pretty hard to see the sunshine of grace. We carry such burdens. It's like trying to walk through a beautiful garden with a boulder on your shoulders. You are so concentrated on this boulder and the pain it's causing you miss out on the splendor around you.

So, it's time to let go. It's time to move on. We can't worship the God of now if we are still in our past. We must release our past to Him and give Him room to move us into right now with Him.

My reading takes me to Matthew 13:10-23. God is good to give us just what we need when we need it. Just the same we are good to ignore His calling and will. Aren't you tired? Are you tired of the comfort of the same? We get in the motion of just doing, but when we do this we miss out on the experience. Friends, we are to experience ALL of God. Think about it..He gave ALL for us. He gave His Son for us. Do we really understand the ALL He gave? He didn't give ALL so we could experience some. He wants to to explode in His Word. He wants us to live it. To see it. To hear it!

We are missing so much. I know I have been. We get in these ruts. We just go through the motions and that leads to a nothingness. We come up empty. God wants us to be full! He didn't give ALL so we could just go through the motions. He wants us to experience ALL. How sad that He gave ALL and we limit Him in our lives.

We should be shouting His glory. We can experience His grace and mercy moment by moment. We can speak His Word and share His love. His love is boundless! What if we simply just started lifting up everyone we come in contact with? What would happen if we shared a smile and a word of hope? Just think what would happen if we prayed with a new fierceness? We would be unstoppable in the kingdom of God! He want to flow through us.

Kind of like looking up at the heavens of the night. We may not be able to take in all the stars above, but do we really give ourselves enough time? Do we really take the time to see?

Not giving all, every aspect,of our life, to the Lord is like going to visit the Grand Canyon and never getting out of the car. We are only seeing a partial view and friends, that isn't enough. God wants us to see ALL He has for us. His creation, His people, His Word. WE are to be part of that. We are to bring glory and honor to God and allow Him to shine through us. Before we can truly be all He has created us to be we must be willing to open our eyes and ears to ALL He has. We must go beyond ourselves. We must reach beyond our circle. We gotta get out of our comfort zone and escape our box. Our walls have kept the Lord out. We don't go to the museum and only see the frame work. We take time to explore the artwork crafted by gifted hands. God is those very gifted hands and He wants us to see His Majesty in a whole new way!

Have you witnessed a child eating an Oreo cookie lately? They take it apart. They enjoy each and every bite. Devouring it all. What happens next? The words, "Can I have another one?", come out of their mouths. Friends, isn't it time to ask for another one? Isn't it time to enjoy that cookie until our face is covered in chocolate? Even better, lets share our package of cookies!!

"Ears to hear and eyes to see~both are gifts from the Lord" Proverbs 20:12


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