Monday, August 6, 2012

The Prophecy Study Bible NKJV (John C. Hagee General Editor) Signature Series by Thomas Nelson

First I must say that Pastor John Hagee is one of the greatest preachers of our time. I enjoy his messages and I learn great wisdom from him. He is truly a man of God.

This is one reason I wanted to review this study Bible. It might sound funny, but this visual learner loves a great voice and he has one. As I read the commentary I can just hear his voice speak the Word of God.

Thomas Nelson publishes some of the best study Bibles I have read and this is one of them. This study Bible is just what it says, Prophesy. Pages and pages hold scripture where prophesy is proclaimed and then the scripture is added where it has been fulfilled. That in itself is a great study.

I reviewed the hardback addition and it has a beautiful cover.

There is an overview of each Book of the Bible that goes into great detail. The Book, the author, the time, Christ, keys to study and a survey. Each Book holds an outline which is huge help when your trying to understand the timeline of the Bible.

Something I love is how the Word of God is in bold red print. There are tables that explain the test of faith, characteristics of faith and the triumph of faith. One table that stands out to me is the salvation table. The salvation of the believer, submission of the believer and the suffering of the believer. Each of these is broken down into reference, division, topic, location and time.

This study Bible gives great focus on prophesy. Something many of us miss in our study. We are always looking for what is to come and we forget the prophesies that have already occurred. Which gives us great hope for the days to come.

My only issue, which really isn't an issue, but more so just what I like, would be more commentary from Pastor Hagee. Everything else is just fantastic. There are pages of the top 20 questions, and pages that hold evidences, which is super cool. Another fantastic attribute about this study Bible is that you can clearly see the Old Testament scripture, the subject and where you can find this in the New Testament. God's great promises are also highlighted. Again, this Bible is packed with great study material tools. This will be a great help in my studies. Especially when it comes to understanding prophesy.


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