Monday, August 27, 2012

Fireflies by Ruthie Lewis

Ruthie Lewis sent me a copy of, "Fireflies" for review. I was immediately drawn in by the cover. I mean, who doesn't love fireflies? As a kid and still today they captivate me speechless. I see them now and I'm a child all over again.

No, this book isn't about fireflies, but in way you could say it points to the glory of our Savior who created this little beauties just for our pleasure. Ruthie intertwines her story, the characters and the message so brilliantly that you are immediately drawn in and left speechless.

I felt the more pages I consumed the more I knew the characters, Tammy and Charla, and those who surrounded their lives. Friendship combined with love seem to set these ladies free from the chains that are holding them captive in the bottom of the jar. They are yearning to be set free, but just don't know the means.

Fear has held them for much of their lives, but faith conquers their fear and even as a firefly, they see the way out to finding what life holds for them.

We see how choices not only touch one moment of our life, but sometimes they change our journey forever. The trek to finding joy is not always an easy one. This novel was real in the fact that the author didn't just paint a rosy picture. She told the story that many of us have lived. That painting no one wants to see. The one we keep hidden and out of reach of others.

These ladies stopped making excuses. They stopped covering up the bruises. We travel with them on a journey of life, choice and redemption. Leaving behind the old and battered for the new. We see that cracked pot and as one might see it as broken and of no use, God knows better.

Faith comes alive as a butterfly finds its wings for flight. This is one of those novels that you will not want to put down.

To learn more about Ruthie Lewis take a peek at her website.  

This book was a gift from Ruthie Lewis for it's review. This book is published by Tate Publishing.

Ruthie Lewis is a speaker to women's issues and seeing life through purpose and inner light, and is a trained life coach. She lives in Oklahoma as do her two amazing, grown sons. She is also the mother of a precious daughter who loved and lived life with every ounce of light she had and now dances in heaven with Jesus.


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