Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NIV Archaeological Study Bible by Zondervan

I wish I could show you the inside of my new Bible for review. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I am a visual learner and a history lover, so for me, I am head over heals for this new Bible from Zondervan. It is colorfully illustrated. The NIV format is easy to understand. It is gorgeous inside and out. I really like the hardback form.

The pages have this ancient look to them and with the illustrations and history information it adds to my understanding. To know what these times held in customs and traditions is very helpful in understanding God's Word. It seems to make things  even more clear to me. It makes what I'm reading precise. If you are a visual learner this Bible would be perfect for you.

Now, this is a large Bible. I'm not sure I would carry it to church, but it will remain by my bedside for my daily study. The maps are beautifully colored and large. It gives us a glimpse into each book written and goes beyond that with all the history. The people, lands and rulers of the times. It's like a geography lesson. With all the texts and artifact information it's as though you are right there in the Word.

I am learning so much from reading the historical notes. The Words of Jesus Christ are in bold red print. This is something that is missing from other study Bibles I have used. Take a peek over at Zondervan for more information. This is truly a gem. I hold this Bible in my hands and forget the chores waiting on me. This is one I will use for years to come.

This Bible was a gift from Zondervan  for it's review.


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