Friday, July 13, 2012

A Desire Greater Than Food?

I came across this verse in my reading this morning.

"I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food."
Job 23:12

Here we have Job and a Word that hit me hard. Do I really desire God's Word more so than food? Meaning am I so in love with the Lord and His Word that I desire it more than lets say, going shopping for that new dress or filling myself with that meaty pizza for dinner? Am I desiring God's Word more than my day to day needs and wants?

I had to begin asking myself these questions and more. When I wake, is it His Word that is upon my lips before, I utter the words, "Ugh...I have so many chores ahead of me today"? Do I go about my day concentrated on my wants or am I concentrated on God's Word? Am I thinking about all the struggles and needs more than I am standing on God's promises in His Word?

When I think about it I have to be honest with myself and realize I talk more about situations than I do spending time in prayer over them. Ouch!

When I make the choice to make God first, everything else falls into place. Oh, it might not fall as I would have it land, but none the less, God is either in control or He isn't and I am choosing to believe He is.

A few days ago I had texted a friend sharing that I missed her and I would love to get together before summer was over. I had expectations to hear back from my friend, but that returning text never came. I tell you, my heart ached for days. I so desired to hear from her. I wanted to get together and share lunch and just have some time with just us.

Ever think God feels the same way about us? He is forever trying to reach us. He is seeking to spend quality time with us. He wants a relationship with us. Where are we? We are off being busy with what we want to be busy with. Plain and simple. We make time for those we love. I don't want to waste anymore time. How about you?

When we think about it, relationships are the most important thing in life. Most of all, our relationship with Christ. It's through relationships that we are encouraged and inspired. We weren't designed to be alone. God didn't just leave this world and leave us nothing. He is not only returning for His children, but He left us His Word. He gave us the Holy Spirit. With His Word upon our hearts and lips and His power living in us, there is nothing that can stop us, friends! There is nothing we cannot over come. No struggle too big. No circumstance too small that cannot be washed in prayer.

Now, with my friend. She could have missed that text. Something could have happened and she just never got back to me. So, what I am to do? Reach out again. I am to share the love for her that still remains in my heart. Satan has a way of making everything look heartbreaking, doesn't he? We must learn to look beyond what our eyes can see and what our ears can hear. Hopefully one day those who only choose to see will hear and those who choose to hear will see. God sees beyond our limited vision.

It's through His Word that we walk closer to Him. It's through His mighty Word that we gain strength. It's in His Word that we find grace and mercy needed for our journey. His Word is a lamp unto our feet.

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."
Psalm 119:105


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