Monday, June 11, 2012

"Fearless" by Eric Blehm (The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown)

As I opened the first pages of this book about the life of Adam Brown, my heart was not prepared for what I was about to read. God bless his family for wanting his story told. It is a story that holds honor, valor and one worth telling. It shows us the grace of God and His mercies that touch us every day. This is a personal story. A glimpse into the life of Adam Brown and those who loved and admired him. We see a portrait of a young American Hero.

Adam Brown's story doesn't begin as a Navy Seal and it doesn't end there either. Eric Blehm takes us back to Adam's childhood, his teenage years, and those years he struggled. There is such a transparency here that gives us a full glimpse of the walk of a Christian on a journey. It seems Adam was ready for battle when he was born and in his death he was prepared for a new life. A life cut short by battle, but victory awaited him. Victory was around every corner for Adam. It seemed he faced a mountain with a strength that could only come from God.

Eric Blehm was honored to write Adam's story and to recount the days of his life with family, friends, and his brothers. I found this story encouraging and was inspired by Adam to live strong and face each battle with no fear. This is a story that will touch the depths of your heart. I loved the photos shared of Adam, his family, friends and brothers in arms. That made this story even more real for me. Too many times we hear a story and we simply don't connect for one reason or another. But with the talented writing of Eric Blehm we not only hear the story of Adam, we get to know him. My favorite photo? There is one of Adam tossing his son in the air and it held such beauty for me. Such trust and love between a father and his son. Much like the bond between Adam and His Savior.

In this story we not only see Adam face trials along his journey, we see him laugh and have fun. We see the boy behind the man's eyes. We see his tenderness and compassion for others. We see Christ using this young man as His vessel to do mighty works for God's kingdom. Adam's life speaks volumns of a life filled with faith. It seems he checked doubt at the door and made the daily choice to live life to it's fullest.

We see if there were mountains to climb, Adam Brown, was determined to get there. I feel honored to take a glimpse into this young man's life. This is a story for every young man and woman to read. It's a story for every American to read. It's these stories that should be in our history books for young people to read and become empowered by as Americans. Adam Brown proudly fought for his country and overcame obstacle after obstacle running to that finish line.

From the very first pages of this book to the very last I found myself fully absorbed by the life of Adam Brown and those surrounding his life. Such bravery. Such comrades and brotherhood. We see how his family was torn apart by struggles, but brought together through the immense healing and strength of God.

This is a great testimony of faith. A story well written and one that I will not soon forget.

This book was a gift from Water Brook Multnomah for it's review.

Eric Blehm is the best-selling author of The Only Thing Worth Dying For, which recounts the harrowing story of the first Special Forces A-team to infiltrate Taliban-held southern Afghanistan weeks after 9/11. It was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. The author’s The Last Season, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award, was named by Outside magazine as one of the ten “greatest adventure biographies ever written.” Blehm lives in California with his wife and children.


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