Thursday, March 15, 2012


His Gift
Written By
Shawn Boreta

My life in words has been God’s greatest gift to me. For through words, His Word, the words of others and words He fills me with to pour out to pages, I am given reason upon reason to seek Him even more.

There is a treasure in all of us. This treasure resides deep in the recesses of our life - it’s the memories that we can glean hope from, regardless of the circumstances – it’s the smile that came from nowhere when we need it most – it’s the word of encouragement that we hear in the depth of our darkest moments – it’s the hope of an underserved eternity with our Creator.

My Treasure is Jesus, which makes me His treasure.

My life is no longer mine, which makes me His treasure. Now with that in mind, I live my days in amazing hope and recently have found strength I know is not mine at all. Now, think about being the treasure of the One who created all things, it is quite mind blowing, and quite honestly not something that I want to put in earthly perspective. I love keeping it as an overwhelming and amazing gift.

Treasure His Gift!

There are T.remendous assurances in God’s Word, but only when R.ead with the eyes of the Holy Spirit. In the beginning of my faith, but way into my God-journey, I discovered immediately the hope of His gift and the E.ncouragement through His Word. As I set out on learning who I am in Christ, there has been discovery upon discovery of the many gifts I never knew I had. Writing came in an A.mazing way – I was never a writer, in fact, I could not pass the college entry exam due to my writing and comprehension abilities and was encouraged to choose a profession that did not include writing. Now looking at that miracle truly brings a S.mile to the deepest part of my soul. Through writing, I heal, through sharing, what He gives through the keyboard encourages others; as I grow toward healing I too am greatly encouraged. What an U.nending blessing this has been in my life, because through this I have learned to live in manner which truly R.eflects gratitude. There is no other way I would want to live, I have tried the other way, and living in gratitude and E.nveloping all that He has for me has defined truth greater than any other experience.

The moment I chose Jesus, I was H.ealed and I am lovingly and tenderly I.nterceded for greatly and often as I live in this broken world, full of the sick and needy. Now, this assurance and love is available to all, but few will take Him in. And, out of those who believe, most won’t take Him at His word and promises. S.alvation is the beginning and when we wholly and completely realize what Jesus did, what God planned all along for us, it is also the ‘in between’ for what He finished.

Living comes through dying. For me to live completely in G.ratitude for what He did for me, I have to realize what the cost truly is, and the I.mportance of His work. We are F.orever His and that is truly a T.remendous gift.

My life in words has been God’s greatest gift to me. Every day I am encouraged, and my hope daily is that I can honor Him as I write, hope, share and believe even more.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." ~Luke 12:34 (AMP)


Friends, I encourage you to take the time to pop in at Shawn's links and see all the amazing things she is involved with. She is a gifted writer who shares inspirational stories daily. She is a great and mighty encourager. I know she would love to connect with you. She too would be delighted to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave her a message here. I know that would be a great encouragement to her.

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My life is very average, and on occasion extraordinary circumstances or situations arise. In these words, are tid-bits of that life. My name is Shawn Delia Boreta and I am a fortunate woman. God has provided me many gifts, my parents, both sets are just the beginning.

Shawn, what a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. You are such a sweet, dedicated woman of God. It is clear to see that you are a willing vessel for the Lord. He simply shines through you. You are a treasure to all who know you. We are so blessed to be His children, aren't we? We have such a loving God. We are His workmanship. Created in love to do amazing things with the gifts He has blessed us with beyond all imagine. Through Him there is nothing we cannot do. Blessings to you, Shawn. I pray your ministries continue to grow.


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