Monday, March 5, 2012

Keeper of the Light

Recently I was blessed to travel through West Virgina and the Allegheny Mountains with my husband. We happened to travel through at night. The roads twisted and curved, roller coasted up and down and wrapped around in such a way that at times I felt closer to the heavens.

What captivated my sight was the glow all across the valley. It was like a collection of giant fireflies scattered just trying to grab your attention. As my eyes settled on one light they were brought to another and another. I always pictured the mountain top of being the place where you could capture all without missing a thing. But as we drove through the valley the Lord showed me something that held even more beauty.

He is in the valley just as He is on the mountain top. On that mountain top He is there giving praise with us and blessing us with the words, "See, I knew you could do it all along". But it's in the valley that we find Him cheering us along. Washing us with grace and filling us with a strength we can't find on our own. It's in that valley that He lights up the world around us with the words, "Take your time, sweet daughter. Don't hurry through. I don't want you to miss anything".

The light cast  above the homes as if in protection for those underneath it's glow. It reflected off of the water as if you were breathing in a double portion of His love. It was simple beauty.

We look foreword to the mountain top times. It's on that mountain we can see where we have come and picture where we are going next. But it's in the valley where we see hope shining brightly. The hope of what's to come and the peace that can reach our soul if we will only sit a while and not hurry through. It's in the valley where we find the strength to climb. It's where we find the rest needed for the journey that is unknown.

He is the keeper of the light. He holds it brightly for us to see. No matter where we are in our journey His light can be seen. Just a little light casts out all darkness. Just a little light fills a heart with warmth.

In the next few days we drove through in the day light. It was then that I could see all the places that held light for the night sky. I could see all the homes scattered throughout the valley. I wondered about each home and if they knew the blessings that came from the light that they shared at night for travelers to see.

For me, it held more beauty at night. It was as if it was a reminder for me that when all seems dark around me, I need to not try to see through the dark on my own. It's then that I can't find my way and fear takes over. But if I focus on Him, His light will surely guide my way. To wait upon it and catch it's glow is when we learn to trust. Just like when I was little with my jar open wide catching fireflies. The dark was not intended to frighten me, but it was needed for me to open my imagination to capture all the light trickling around me. I need to take a breath and silent my fears and remember that as long as I remain focused on Him, His light is always present for me to see.

"Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for You are close behind me. Your rod and Your staff protect me and comfort me."
Psalm 32:4


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