Saturday, February 4, 2012

Learning Stillness One Move At A Time

Don't you love how the Lord teaches us through experiences and lessons along our journey? Some are hard lessons. Some take a bit longer for me to learn, but slowly I am getting there. I love the idea of learning. We have a Teacher who gives us His undivided attention. It's like having a tutor. A one on one lesson. If I can only get myself to slow down enough and listen. Focus on what is before me, not behind me.

Lately I have gotten back into doing Yoga/Pilates. I love these work outs. Again, I try to learn something from everything I do and here on this mat before me the Lord is teaching me once again.

In this type of exercise you must learn to control your breathing. My One Word for 2012 is Breathe. Funny how that just worked out isn't it? Nothing is by coincidence in this world. We have a God who plans and sets forth our path. We just have to realize it and match our steps with His.

Not only is this type of exercise about controlling your breathing, but stretching yourself beyond your limits. With each movement I am able to stretch more in more in ways I never thought possible. Oh, how the Lord has been trying to get me to move outside of my comfort zone. In this type of exercise you learn to get comfortable in being uncomfortable. The Lord doesn't want us to just sit in comfort. It is in that very cozy comfort zone that we get lazy and lose focus.

My stamina is growing each day as I make a choice to exercise. My body is getting stronger and my mind is more focused as I make a clear and conscious choice to do so.

"Be still and know that I am God!"
Psalm 46:10a

In this type of exercise you also have to hold in positions that are difficult. It is through that hold that you begin to shake and sometimes you must come out of the position and take a knee. Oh, this life lesson is so much what I am in need of, friends. How about you? When things are difficult I tend to want to move away from it or move out it. When things are shaky I can fall into that and get off balance myself, but the Lord wants us to remember when things become difficult He is still in control. We don't have to shake with them, but we can take a knee. Bend in prayer. Take a few moments to breathe and focus on Him. Again, realizing He is in total control.

Some people call this type of exercise their practice. For me, I don't get into the weird stuff of yoga, but I do push myself past my limits. This mat is becoming a place for me to focus and to practice taking one move at a time. Not thinking of the next, but focusing in the moment. Strength comes from balance. I am learning when I'm off balance, my center is totally out of control. God is my center. It is in Him that I find strength. It is in His Word that I can find balance in a world I cannot understand. In a world that is shaky I can learn to be still and know that He is God.


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