Sunday, January 1, 2012

My limitations make room for God's unlimited ability

I have shared many things about my little dog, Daisy. She is a Dachshund and the smartest pup I have ever known. She is a little dog with a huge spirit. She hurt her back last year and had to overcome great obstacles. I think she had to realize she is now limited. She can no longer jump and climb. She has to have assistance if she wants up on the bed or to lay on the couch with us. We even help her up the steps as she comes indoors. We try to surround her with precautions and protection, but even with all that said, she still tries to do for herself what she obviously cannot.

Last night I placed her on the love seat with her favorite fuzzy blanket and before I knew it she had heard a sound outside and right before my eyes she was hopping up on top of the love seat to peer outside to see what was going on. I tell you, she about gave me a heart attack. I grabbed her up and she looked at me as if to say, "Did ya see that? Did ya? I did it all by myself!" One wrong step and down she would have gone. Many times we don't see the dangers until we have already fallen. Trying to do it on our own might make us feel good, but there is nothing like the sweet success in knowing you did it with Jesus and it was Him doing the leading! Why does it take us so long to just learn to wait on Jesus? His guiding hand will always lead us to safety and steer us from all dangers when we make the choice to listen and make Him Lord of our life.

I began to realize, she isn't so different from me. I have limitations, but even though I do, I still try with all my might to do it alone. In my case, when I do it alone, well I tend to fall flat on my back. Just the fear that I was thinking for Daisy. For her to fall would have been devastating. My walk is no different. My actions don't always lead to success, but many times lead straight to Humble Lane and that is where I find room for the U-turn I must now make.

Although I am limited, God is not. With Him, I can do all things. We are reminded of this by Paul. Paul the man who was doing it on his own and found room for a U-turn. Once he was on the right path, never again turned down the wrong road. Why? How did he do it? He kept his eyes on Jesus. When he knew it was impossible for him He relied on God. Our struggles are an opportunity for God to shine. He realized with God he had everything he needed for the sojourn. He too is all we need for our journey. With Him doing the leading we can't go wrong!

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13


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