Friday, January 20, 2012

I Am In Love With Georgie Designs!

If you know me well, you know that I am that girl who loves bracelets. Part of being a great girlfriend is sharing our newest finds. Girls, have I got a place for you! First of all, have you ever heard of etsy? Well, if you haven't been there, you are missing out, sweet friends! You can find anything and everything and most of the gems you find are all hand made designs.

So, as I am on etsy one day I come across Georgie Designs, by Robyn Klauer. Robyn, designs bracelets, rings, ear rings and necklaces. Her designs are sleek, simple, elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. I love them because they are just me! I have quite a collection growing. I have silver bracelets and gold bangles that go with everything. If I want to dress it up or just be casual, which you all know I am, I just put her bracelets on and yes, I feel special.

Robyn, is just so sweet and to chat with her, well, you'd think you have known her for years. She is a family woman, a mother and a military wife. For that, I think she should be celebrated. She has been designing jewelry for years now and her business is growing rapidly. I can totally see why. When I contact Robyn she is so willing to help me. She goes far beyond anyone I have ever come in contact with at a store. With Robyn it's personal and you can tell she enjoys designing jewelery and making others smile.

I wanted to highlight Robyn and Georgie Designs today because I just love sharing great finds. If you are looking for that perfect gift I would encourage you to check out Georgie Designs. Robyn can take a stone you like in a ring and design it in a bracelet for you. She will design something special just for you. I think that's pretty amazing!

You can find Georgie Designs on facebook too! Just follow the highlighted links and it will take you right to Robyn and her designs. I wish I could show more pictures for you, but you will just have to check out her site and see for yourself. See, this little package with the pretty pink bow? This is how she sends these little gems to you! I love when one of these packages come and I get to unwrap it. There is literally something here for everyone. 

For you men out there, your wife, daughter or mother would love something from Robyn's shop. She will fit her designs according to your size. Once you place your order, she goes to work on designing it and sends out to you usually within a few days. Yes, I have become a huge fan of Robyn. Just as I said, when we find a great treasure, we just gotta share it with our girlfriends! 


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